Why Does It Make Sense To Hire An Attorney That Understands Back Injury Cases

by Terry Bryant

Many people who suffer a back injury hire an attorney to help them attain restitution. When another party is responsible for an accident that causes harm, a legal professional can help the victim receive fair compensation. This part of the body is sensitive to damage, and serious incidents can result in the loss of motor function or in chronic pain. In many cases, people who are harmed in this way cannot work and require assistance to function.

Herniated discs and torn ligaments

Herniated discs and torn ligaments can cause intense, debilitating pain and immobility. It can take a long time to fully recover from this, resulting in a sharp decrease in the quality of life. Some patients never fully recover and have to manage pain for the rest of their lives. Spinal fractures can produce even worse medical complications, like quadriplegia or paraplegia.

Quadriplegia and Paraplegia

Quadriplegia can happen when the area around the neck receives a spinal fracture. It may result in complete loss of motor function in the limbs and the victim may require life support to stay alive. Recovery is usually limited, and most are unable to return to work or function on their own. Paraplegia occurs when a spinal fracture is present lower in the vertebral column. People suffering from paraplegia may retain function in their arms and upper torso, but may lose motor function in their legs. Some recover enough to walk again, though they will likely require some form of assistance. Both quadriplegia and paraplegia are permanent disabilities.

One of the hardest things to recover from is a back injury. An attorney who fights for these victims must be up to date on their knowledge of the field, because this is a complicated area of law.