Most Automobile Accidents That Involve An Injury Require An Attorney For The Best Compensation

by Terry Bryant

There were over 5 million automobile accidents in 2009, according to US government figures. Around one third of these accidents included distracted or impaired drivers, and there were over 30,000 fatalities and over 2 million personal injuries. Statistics such as this suggest that most people or someone they love will experience a traffic related injury at some point.

Many of these injuries involved head, neck or back injuries, bodily trauma or severe fractures and required intensive medical treatment and possibly multiple surgical procedures. Many of the victims continue to suffer chronic pain, headaches, seizures or mental disruptions such as PTSD and associated mental issues long after the accident.

The recovery process for any of these injuries is long, and full recovery may never be reached despite the best treatment. These victims often face staggering medical bills, but because of their pain, suffering, and long-term rehabilitation requirements, they may have difficulty resuming their normal life and returning to work to pay off the bills or even to cover their daily living expenses.

Victims of automobile accidents who have suffered an injury should consult an experienced personal injury attorney or law firm to discuss a possible lawsuit against the at fault party. Such personal injury lawsuits can result in substantial awards that can cover the medical expenses and lost wages. Most personal injury lawyers do not require an upfront payment, preferring to take their fee as a percentage of any awards that they win on the plaintiff’s behalf. This eliminates one hurdle to injured parties receiving just compensation for their pain and ensures that victims of injuries suffered in traffic mishaps don’t waste time and money on cases that have no merit.

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