What Typically Causes An ATV Rollover Accident?

by Terry Bryant

An ATV rollover accident is usually a medical emergency, resulting in severe trauma, cuts, burns, bone breaks and even traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). This is because an all-terrain vehicle can suddenly lose stability around tighter turns, even if the driver does everything right. Few products have been recalled as often as all-terrain vehicles, and it seems that every month, more models are flagged for defects. With so much risk, it’s no surprise that all-terrain vehicle accidents result in nearly 150,000 injuries and 500 deaths every year.

When an ATV rollover occurs, it is usually because of an inherent defect or design flaw with the vehicle. For example, every vehicle has a different center of gravity, forcing the driver to adjust every time they get a new model. Some all-terrain vehicles are made with slightly higher centers of gravity, so they are more unstable than other models. However, most all-terrain vehicles have issues with how the wheels rotate during turns, and this can produce an excessive amount of frictional force.

No matter how the accident is caused, the injuries can be gruesome. If a driver is pinned under the vehicle or thrown at high speeds, fatal complications are highly possible. Even if a driver survives, injuries can linger, especially if they involve the spine or brain. That’s why drivers should always observe safety measures when operating a vehicle and why parents should not let their children behind the wheel until they are at least 16 years old.