Asleep at the Wheel

by Terry Bryant

Drowsy and fatigued drivers are dangerous

Drowsy and fatigued drivers are dangerous

Discussions about inattentive drivers often focus on drunk driving, drugged driving, or the distractions of electronic devices. These are all contributing factors to auto accidents each year, but drowsy and fatigued driving also deserve attention.

Long before electronic distractions came into the picture, inattentive driving was caused by sleep-deprived drivers. This problem may have faded from the forefront, but it is still an issue today. Headline news reports tragic car crashes caused by drivers who fell asleep at the wheel, but drowsy driving and fatigue contribute to inattentiveness, which is also a major cause of car crashes.

According to, a website sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, lack of sleep can result in the following hazards:

  • Delayed reaction time
  • Impaired judgment and vision
  • Inability to process information
  • Decreased vigilance

Also of note, young people, shift workers, commercial drivers, and business travelers are high-risk categories. People who fall within these categories are particularly prone to driving long hours and being more at risk of drowsy driving.

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