When Should Victims Of An Amputation Injury Contact A Lawyer?

by Terry Bryant

The only time a person should receive an amputation is when injury or disease make it a necessary life-saving measure. The loss of a limb is something that many people never get over, as it can completely change how a person lives. It often means changing jobs, or not being able to work at all. Phantom pain may be present and harass a victim. Active people may not be able to stay physically fit or enjoy the same things after losing an arm or a leg. In terms of emotional impact, few things compare to limb loss, so you would hope that medical practitioners would never remove a limb mistakenly. Unfortunately, it happens far too often.

Hospitals have to maintain tight control over their staff and organizational procedures, especially when treating a patient who may undergo amputation. The only way to ensure everyone receives the proper procedure is with accurate medical records. This ensures that when patients are administered anesthesia, attending doctors and surgeons know who is who. However, these records are often mixed up, and if the medical staff doesn’t double check before taking off a limb, the patient will wake up in a living nightmare. Limb loss may also occur if a surgeon or nurse makes an elementary mistake during a procedure, like incorrectly inserting an IV. Patients are typically told that limb removal was an unavoidable necessity, but this is usually done to deflect liability.

No matter what’s behind the mistaken amputation, an injury lawyer will work to hold the responsible party accountable for their negligence. Victims will face an expensive road to recovery, and a settlement may be the only way to afford it.