Who Should Consider Filing An Accutane Lawsuit?

by Terry Bryant

A person suffering from severely harmful effects of the drug isotretinoin, might file a complaint under the brand name Accutane, and become one of the many plaintiffs currently involved with an Accutane lawsuit. This drug is still being prescribed today. It is effective for severe or cystic acne which often causes scarring, and people are understandably eager to do anything to prevent that.

The adverse reactions to taking isotretinoin include birth defects, digestive disorders including Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis and psychiatric disorders including depression and even suicide. There have been many studies linking these effects to isotretinoin that it is no longer being sold to the public. The manufacturer of this drug has already had to pay out millions of dollars because there were so many individuals who had filed successful cases.

Today, the FDA has a special website just to handle prescriptions for isotretinoin, called iPLEDGE that helps to reduce some of these tragic side effects. Women of childbearing age must pledge to double up on birth control by taking two different types for a month after taking this drug. Doctors have to do extra work to show it was necessary to prescribe isotretinoin and that all due diligence has occurred. There is a 30-day limit for one prescription.

These precautionary measures have helped, but when a person experiences one of the harmful side effects, an Accutane lawsuit is the likely result. When considering a drug injury lawsuit like this, it is best to look for a firm that has experience with cases related to harmful drugs, and specifically with isotretinoin. Knowledgeable personal injury attorneys will already have a team of medical professionals they can count on that have been helpful in winning cases in the past.