Accutane Drug Risks Can Range From Common to Rare!

by Terry Bryant

As with other medications, Accutane drug risks range from common to rare. However, unlike other medications, Accutane’s common side effects have been linked to serious, debilitating injury or death. Patients and families of patients have filed lawsuits because of the severity of the lifelong side effects.

The drug was used to treat cystic and nodular acne in teens and adults, but after 17-years on the market it was voluntarily recalled by Roche in 1990. The FDA black-boxed the medication after it had been linked to severe birth defects, suicide, depression, and intestinal complications. However, generics remain on the market today for treatment of a number of medical conditions including acne not respondent to antibiotics.

Girls and women of child bearing years are strongly advised not to take the medication. It is associated with serious birth defects and deformities. Low IQs and psychiatric disorders have been reported in children born from women that had taken Accutane. Drug risks did not necessarily cease because the medication was stopped, either. Girls and women that may become pregnant are required to have two active birth control methods to reduce possible fetal abnormalities.

Regardless of gender or age, psychiatric instability has been reported in patients. Suicide rates, major depression, anxiety, and panic disorders have been linked to short and long-term use. Close monitoring is required, and patients must be evaluated each visit. No history of psychiatric disorders is required to experience serious, life threatening side effects.

Patients and patients’ families that have suffered or lost a loved one due to Accutane drug risks may be entitled to financial compensation. Millions of dollars have been won in lawsuits, and there have been more than 7,000 lawsuits brought against Roche. Yet, the manufacturer remains firm that the medication is safe under correct supervision.
Persons who have taken this drug and suffered adverse side effects can consult with an attorney who is experienced in this arena.