Above the Fray: China’s New Bus Technology

by Terry Bryant

Traffic Bus China

One thing Chinese cities and Houston have in common is traffic. Recently, China debuted the first Transit Elevated Bus (the “TEB-1”) to help alleviate traffic jams for mass transit.

The TEB-1 is designed to drive over cars. It is 16-feet high and has a clearance of about 7 feet underneath, so it can keep moving over traffic instead of being forced to stop. The inside of the TEB-1 looks a lot like the Houston Metro. It is 72-feet long and 26-feet wide, capable of holding up to 300 passengers.

The TEB-1 runs on rails laid along ordinary roads. While a design like this might not work in many parts of Houston because of the prevalence of tall commercial vehicles, this concept shows how technology can counter the rise in vehicular traffic throughout America’s large cities.

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