A Dangerous Ride: Bicycle Accidents in Houston

by Terry Bryant

Bicycle dangerous ride accident

For those that have not heard, there has been an epidemic of bicycle accidents in Houston. From the young to the old, lives are being taken over and over by a momentary distraction or lack of sharing the road.  At least 23 cyclists died in a vehicle-related collision in the Houston area over the last five years.

Imagine a pick-up truck striking your child or spouse as they are riding their bicycle home from school or work. No only do many cyclists suffer permanent or debilitating injuries; some often pass away from their injuries.  To make matters worse, the lack of evidence or witnesses complicates the situation.  Unfortunately, this scenario plays out many times throughout the year in Houston.

Many believe the problem lies with drivers not sharing the road. Often, cyclists are killed without having done anything reckless. Many bicycling enthusiasts in Houston are injured each year by inattentive or aggressive drivers attempting to surpass the cyclist. Instead of sharing the road, they refuse to recognize the rights of the cyclist.

Until a well-developed mass transit system relieves some congestion, or Houston drivers become more accommodating to cyclists by learning to share the road, cyclists must ride safe and always be aware of their surroundings.