Month: January 2020

car getting rear-ended | Terry Bryant Injury Attorney

It is overwhelming and frightening to be in a car crash, especially if you are injured, or a family member is killed. It’s something that you think will never happen to you, and when it does, you can be in disbelief and shock. You are suddenly faced with mounting medical bills, property damage, time off […]

skull x-ray | tbi attorney

Our injured clients have unique experiences, as they are individuals with a specific set of physical characteristics, who were injured in a particular way. Two car crashes may look similar, but the effects of similar trauma on occupants of vehicles varies. There are collisions where some people are severely injured, and others walk away with […]

calculate and bill | Personal Injury Settlement Attorney

Whether your personal injury claim has been filed and you are waiting for your payments, or you haven’t even begun the process and are simply considering opening a claim, the process of personal injury claims is quite intricate. You are right to look for answers. After all, the goal of these claims is to obtain […]

wrecked white car | TX Car accident attorney

Car insurance exists to protect people when things go wrong. You likely have an insurance policy that you pay for every month or every few months. We don’t have these policies just to save ourselves from expensive medical bills or vehicle repairs; we have policies to ensure that others won’t be left facing great financial […]

Pedestrians Crossing Crosswalk | Houston Pedestrian Attorney

Every 90 minutes, a pedestrian in the U.S. is killed in a crash. In Texas, pedestrians are at an even greater risk of being injured by a vehicle. What are the top causes of pedestrian accidents, and what can we do to make everyone on our roads as safe as possible? These are vital questions […]