Month: February 2019

cyclist injury

A January article on the Forbes magazine website highlighted a truck driver in Great Britain who is also a bicycle rider. Contrary to the popular blind-spot argument that is often used when bicyclists are struck by big-rigs, Clive Matthews, the truck driver and bicyclist, asserts that it is a fail-to-look-spot that threatens cyclist safety around […]

Accidents and injuries, including fatal ones, happen far too often in the workplace. Nationally, a worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). That adds up to 12,300 injuries a day and a whopping 4.5 million a year. In 2017, there were 534 workplace-related fatalities in Texas […]

Elderly Woman in Wheelchair

Citing “burdensome debt levels and expensive leases,” Senior Care Centers (SCC), which serves almost 10,000 residents and employs at least as many workers at more than 100 locations in Texas and Louisiana, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in early December 2018. The company – the largest skilled-nursing provider in Texas – has struggled to pay […]

The first full week in February was observed as National Burn Awareness Week. We should all welcome the opportunity for fire and safety experts to emphasize burn awareness, prevention, and methods of treatment. Many of us have suffered a burn injury at some time in our life. And few of us realize how lucky we […]

Defective 3M earplugs cause hearing loss

For more than a decade, the 3M Company manufactured earplugs – the Combat Arms Ear Plugs – that were sold to the U.S. military. Now, the company faces several lawsuits over the defectiveness of this product and the resulting hearing loss suffered by many service members. Not only did 3M make faulty earplugs that have […]

Front of car impacted by accident

When a driver hits another car, a pedestrian, or cyclist, we can be too quick to habitually blame the victim for the accident instead of the driver who is responsible. This unfair victim accusation is based in part on human psychology, with negligent (or careless) drivers (and their insurers) all too willing to perpetuate this […]

distracted driving accident

As Texans know, texting while driving is illegal in the state. The law that bans texting, emailing, or any electronic messaging while operating a motor vehicle was passed by the state legislature in 2017. Drivers in many areas of the state can still use hand-held cell phones to talk while driving, but that may be […]

Icy Road Conditions

Those of us on the upper Texas Gulf Coast rarely experience extended periods of wintry cold and ice. But when we do get “sideswiped” by Old Man Winter, some of us refuse to alter our driving habits. So we … Drive the speed limit (or faster) on ice-covered roads, losing control of our vehicle. If […]