Month: January 2019

Texas Distracted Driving Attorney

The Houston area is No. 1 in several ways when it comes to traffic crashes. It holds the top position among all metro areas in the country when it comes to the number of traffic deaths. Houston also leads the country in fatality crashes involving alcohol and drugs. And according to the latest in a […]

Texas Truck Accident Attorney

Truck driver fatigue is a real problem, and one that affects everybody who uses our roads and highways. If a driver is tired behind the wheel, his or her responses will be slowed and decision-making abilities compromised. That can spell real danger when a 40-ton tractor-trailer rig is involved. Making Trucking Safer Transportation industry and […]

Some hair-coloring is still made with lead acetate, which can cause deadly lead poisoning

On December 3, 2018, a ban on lead acetate in hair coloring products went into effect. Consumer Reports and several watchdog groups had filed a petition with the FDA earlier this year to put the ban in place. The FDA’s release about the ban reads in part: “The FDA reviewed the information and data submitted […]

Fresh Produce

We love farmers markets. Delicious, fresh fruits, veggies, etc. Real back-to-the-land kind of stuff (which many of us Texans long for). So much good flows from them. But be cautious. No need to get excited, but the recent E. coli (and other bacteriological) scares to our country’s food supply should remind us that not all […]

Unsafe Furniture

Each year furniture tip-overs seriously injure thousands of children enough to send them to the emergency room. Falling dressers and other furniture tip-overs can be deadly. Since 2000, they’ve been responsible for least 200 deaths; most victims were children younger than age 6. These accidents commonly happen when kids climb onto dressers, fall against them, […]