Month: October 2018

Is Medical Device Cybersecurity Improving Fast Enough?

We are sad to report that, like our power grid, voting networks, and military IT, hospitals and other vital medical computing networks are now part of the growing list of our cyber infrastructure now clearly vulnerable to online attack. Medical device security (or the lack of it) was recently highlighted by a research team from […]

How Houston Traffic Stacks up with Texas, the U.S., and the World

We all complain about Houston traffic.  Maybe it’s in our DNA. The number of traffic chokepoints grows exponentially, or so it seems. But in the bigger picture, just how bad do we have it compared to others? How does Houston traffic stack up against other Texas cities, the U.S, the world? Not so good, but […]

How Parents Can Observe Teen Driver Safety Week

With the coming of fall, the “100 deadliest days” for teen drivers, which is the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, is well behind us. During this deadly period, the risk to teens of being involved in motor vehicle accidents increases by over 40%. Over the summer of 2016, more than 1,050 people throughout […]

Houston’s Drivers and Roads Are Deadliest in U.S.—a Dozen Die Every Week

The numbers are simply staggering.  Every year, on average, 640 people are killed in crashes on Houston-area highways and roadways, several years of statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration show. That breaks down to approximately 12 traffic fatalities every single week. Nearly 3,000 more people are seriously injured. While Houston trails New York, […]

Terry Bryant Nominated as Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation

The Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law Firm is proud to announce that its founder, Terry Bryant, has been nominated as a Fellow to the Texas Bar Foundation. Mr. Bryant received his invitation from the foundation’s Board of Trustees in recognition of his “outstanding professional achievements” and his “demonstrated commitment to the improvement of the […]