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Are Construction Helmets a Solution to Workplace Head Injuries?

Construction is dangerous work, filled with potential hazards like moving equipment, demolition, and fall risks. Workers are required to undergo training and are supposed to be provided with adequate equipment that aids in safety. However, the protective equipment for head injuries - one of the most notorious injuries constructi[...]

Date: August 31, 2017 / Workers Compensation
Houston Texas Lawyer

New Texting While Driving Law in Texas: “It Can Wait”

Texting while driving is a dangerous distraction – and as of September 1, 2017, it will be illegal in Texas. In May, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a measure that bans driver texting and emailing while the vehicle is moving. This law expands the current law that prohibits texting in school zones. Texting while driving [...]

Date: August 26, 2017 / Vehicle Wrecks
Houston Texas Lawyer

Airbag Safety Recall for Ford, Mazda, and Nissan Vehicles

Vehicle Recalls If it feels like you’ve been hearing about the Takata airbag recalls for an almost endless amount of time, there’s a good reason for that. The Japanese airbag manufacturer has been in the news since 2014, when news reports began to surface about the faulty airbags installed in tens of millions of vehicles. [...]

Date: August 25, 2017 / Defective Products
Houston Texas Lawyer

How Can We Make Houston Safer for Cyclists?

People ride bicycles for several reasons. It’s cheaper than gasoline-powered vehicles. It helps reduce air pollution. Cycling is good exercise. For many, it offers a fun way to enjoy a city or the great outdoors. Unfortunately for many cyclists in Houston, it’s also extremely dangerous. Houston has many things to be proud o[...]

Date: August 17, 2017 / Bicycle Accidents
Houston Texas Lawyer

Why Some Rideshare Drivers Are Pushing Their Limits

Commercial vehicle drivers adhere to “Hours of Service” laws that dictate how many hours they can legally drive in a day. These laws were enacted to make sure that drivers aren’t fatigued when behind the wheel. They are important because driving while fatigued can make a driver more prone to error; some studies suggest tha[...]

Date: August 17, 2017 / Accident Attorney
Houston Texas Lawyer

Power Morcellation and Cancer Risks

For years, regulators and some members of the medical community have known that a certain procedure performed on women with uterine fibroids carries the risk of spreading cancerous tissue. Despite the warning signs presented to manufacturers and regulators, the procedure was common practice and is still used in some facilities. [...]

Date: August 11, 2017 / Medical Malpractice
Houston Texas Lawyer

The Smaller the Car, the Greater the Injury?

Buying a smaller vehicle is an entirely logical move for today’s consumer. Smaller vehicles save money at the pump because they typically get better gas mileage. Driving and parking in a city as big and populous as Houston are also easier when you have a smaller car as opposed to a larger SUV or truck. However, when it comes [...]

Date: August 3, 2017 / Accident Attorney
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