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Distracted Driving Goes Beyond Texting on Cell Phones

We all know that distraction is one of the biggest hazards on our roads. There are constant debates by lawmakers and safety advocates over texting-while-driving laws. But we should remember that texting represents only one form of distracted driving. For example, AAA estimates that around 60% of moderate-to-severe teen crashes [...]

Date: July 18, 2017 / Accident Attorney
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Essure and Possible Health Risks for Women

Women are constantly being offered new forms of birth control that are supposedly improvements on older, more traditional types of contraception. Unfortunately, many of these methods also come with risks for serious health complications. One of the most notorious examples of these birth control methods is the Essure device. Ess[...]

Date: July 12, 2017 / Defective Products / Product Liability
Houston Texas Lawyer

Mothers in U.S. Face Higher Pregnancy Death Rate

Maternal death rates are higher in the United States than in any other developed country. A recent report from NPR and ProPrublica found some troubling realities facing expectant families in our nation, including the fact that American women are three times as likely to die during pregnancy than Canadian mothers and six times mo[...]

Date: July 3, 2017 / Medical Malpractice
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