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Beware of Texas Tailgaters

  [caption id="attachment_5927" align="aligncenter" width="400"]                       Are You a Texas Tailgater?[/caption] Since tailgating drivers continue to cause many serious accidents and whiplash injuries, we all must learn how to minimize their chances of harming us. While some people purposef[...]

Date: October 26, 2016 / Accident Attorney / Uncategorized

The Concern Of 18 Wheeler Drivers And Fatigue Causing Accidents

Truck drivers are asked to drive hundreds of miles in a single day, make their deliveries on time, and take their pay by the mile – so is it any surprise that fatigue is a constant concern? But just how much of a concern it is depends on who is doing the talking. Safety researchers believe fatigue is the single greatest haza[...]

Date: October 19, 2016 / Accident Attorney

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer for Cruise Ship Injury Lawsuits

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer talk to our attorneys about a cruise ship lawsuit Each year thousands of people enjoy vacation cruises to ports all over the globe. There is no question that a cruise can be a delightful experience for all involved, with a chance to visit exotic locales and enjoy gourmet dining twenty-four hours a [...]

Date: October 10, 2016 / Accident Attorney

Houston’s Terrible 10 Intersections

Traffic is a fact of life in Houston, and so are traffic accidents. In 2011, approximately 15% of all vehicles accidents in Texas occurred in Houston, making its roads more dangerous than any other city’s streets in Texas. The two leading reasons cited are the city's 11% annual population growth in recent year and a higher [...]

Date: October 7, 2016 / Accident Attorney / Uncategorized
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