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When Should An Employee Consider Speaking With Work Injury Lawyers?

When an employee gets hurt on the job, they may consider talking with work injury lawyers in an effort to protect their rights. From the state's workers’ compensation laws to the legal process involved, an experienced attorney may be able to help. Types of Workplace Injuries Each type of injury can vary in severity, yet they [...]

Date: September 12, 2016 / Workers Compensation

Three Common Reasons For Filing Defective Product Lawsuits

Defective products can have tragic repercussions for unsuspecting families, which is why many consider defective product lawsuits following an injury or death due to improper manufacturing or warning labels. There are three common ways a product can be deemed defective: A mishap at the factory where the product is manufactu[...]

Date: September 9, 2016 / Defective Products

The Concerns Of Proton Pump Inhibitors Side Effects

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) side-effects are a major concern for users. These side-effects can be very serious and may far outweigh the benefits that consumers expect from taking PPIs. PPIs are widely available either over-the-counter or by prescription. The most common brands of these medications are Dexilant (Dexlansoprazol[...]

Date: September 6, 2016 / Drug Injury
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