Month: May 2016

Dozens of people are killed in fatal bus rollover accidents every year, and in nearly every instance, the accident is due to negligence on someone’s part. Common carriers like Greyhound and the numerous companies that run charter vehicles have a duty to their customers to provide safe passage. When the common carrier fails to do […]

The historical legacy of asbestos and lung cancer is far reaching. Not long ago, the material was used quite widely in a myriad of industries. Now it is commonly known that the material is carcinogenic, posing a major health hazard. What is asbestos and how does it cause harm? A compound made up of six […]

As the number of bicycles on streets and highways increases, so does the need for bicycle accident lawyers.  Whether cyclists sustain injuries due to road hazards, road conditions, or due to collisions with people driving automobiles, the end result is that bike riders often find themselves in need of legal assistance. This assistance can range […]

Houston Surgical Malpractice

A child born with birth defects often faces a difficult road, many times the moment they enter the world. Such complications can have profound effects on the newborn’s ability to adjust to the world and develop normally. It’s also common for these complications to have far-reaching effects that persist into adulthood. And it’s normal for […]

In today’s litigation-oriented society, a person should always be aware of their legal options. Among these is the accident lawyer with truck case legal experience. While it might seem to some that such a legal specialization would be a bit too focused, that’s not the case at all. According to transportation industry sources, more than […]

Each year, the Better Business Bureau recognizes businesses and non-profits for their achievements and superior commitment to quality and ethics in the workplace. Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law was one of a select few of companies recognized at the annual Better Business Bureau Awards for Excellence on May 11, 2016. Recognized as a Winner […]

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, a charter bus traveling to a Texas casino crashed rolling over resulting in eight deaths and at least 44 injured in South Texas. According to local authorities, the charter bus operated by OGA Charters, based in San Juan, Texas, may have lost control due to inclement weather conditions on U.S. […]

Boat Injury Lawyer

The Houston-area waterways are filling up with boating traffic as the weather gets warmer. May is a popular month to return to outdoor activities—such as boating—with kids getting out of school for summer vacation and the Memorial Day weekend. It is important to be prepared before hitting the waterways. Here is a checklist of things […]


A recent movement against American football has developed because of scientific evidence linking concussions and resulting long-term medical issues to injuries sustained while playing the sport. Have you ever thought about the dangers of concussions in relation to other sports? How about football’s counterpart—cheerleading? Much of the focus and news media have been on football. […]

  Many outdoor activities recommend wearing a helmet to protect the participant from injury. These activities range from recreational and competitive bicycling, to baseball and softball, to extreme sports like mountain climbing. Although the range of activities recommending a helmet varies, there is one goal in mind: protecting participants from a head injury. A head […]