Month: February 2016

Many people are attacked by vicious dogs each year. Of course, the media and authorities warn of certain breeds with dangerous propensities, but in reality, any breed of dog may be susceptible to harming an innocent bystander. According to, dogs killed 360 Americans between 2005 and 2015. Texas had the highest number of lethal […]

A quick trip can quickly turn unpleasant because of unexpected traffic. These days, many drivers have tossed out their maps and rely upon their smartphones or built-in GPS to navigate them on their journeys. Why not use the same tools to avoid traffic, too? Many apps and built-in GPS systems come with features to not […]

Terry Bryant has more than 30 years of experience in representing personal injury claimants injured through no fault of their own. With this experience comes knowledge on how to help you, as our client, participate in your personal injury case. Our firm has developed many ways to keep you involved in the process of handling […]

The State of Texas requires drivers to maintain financial responsibility, which means that all drivers must have a valid auto insurance policy. Unfortunately, drivers in Texas are only required to carry liability insurance with minimum policy limits of $30,000 per claimant and $60,000 in total coverage for each accident. Selecting the right insurance policy depends […]

When most people hire a lawyer to handle their personal injury case, it is a common misconception that the lawyer will immediately file a lawsuit to take the client’s case to court. Filing a lawsuit is sometimes an unavoidable reality, but there are many benefits to attempting to settle a case out of court. Saving […]

  The National Safety Council (NSC) recently published Injury Facts 2015, detailing many statistics on unintended injuries, including auto accidents. The publication found that the three leading causes of driving-related fatalities are alcohol (30.8%), speeding (30%), and distracted driving (26%). All three of these leading causes of fatalities can be prevented. First, don’t drink and […]

Texas is known for its livestock and cattle ranches. However, livestock poses a serious issue when an auto accident is caused by a stray animal. Generally, Texas law protects livestock owners from liability when one of their stray animals causes an auto accident. The “open range” law requires neighboring landowners to “fence out” stray animals, […]

When tour companies and other common carriers are involved in bus accident cases, negligence is often the primary cause behind the incident. Common carriers, such as casino charters and Greyhound, are expected to provide close oversight regarding their drivers and operating procedures, but many fail to meet this standard. All too often, unqualified drivers are […]

A Texas area offshore injury lawyer regularly helps seamen working in the Gulf of Mexico and Houston ship channel, providing them with an option if they are hurt while on the job. And accidents are common at sea. Vessels do not make for the most stable, safest work conditions, and even experienced seamen can be […]