Month: January 2016

Many people take to the roads on bicycles, both competitively and leisurely. Unfortunately, many bicyclists think it is safer to ride against the flow of traffic so that drivers can see them pedaling toward their vehicles head on. Although it may be counterintuitive, it is more dangerous to ride against the flow of vehicular traffic! […]

Among friends and family, we often don’t think twice when borrowing a car for a short trip around the block. It is also not uncommon to take turns driving another person’s vehicle on a long trip. These decisions can lead to serious liability issues and create financial exposure should a car crash occur when someone […]

The National Safety Council (NSC) offered the first defensive driving course in 1964. From their experience, the NSC has found defensive driving to decrease car crashes, reduce insurance premiums, and keep drivers safer. Defensive Driving Tips Here are some defensive driving tips to protect yourself from other drivers: Know Your Surroundings—monitor other traffic by checking […]

Personal injury law suits are among the most powerful tools in a victim’s arsenal, giving them the ability to fight back against a person or institute they perceive as negligent. A claim can involve everything from vehicle accidents to dog bites to defective drugs, and can provide funds for medical expenses and other damages resulting […]

A Jones Act lawyer regularly handles cases from seamen who work in the area. Whether on a shipping tow heading down the city’s ship channel, or on one of many oil drilling platforms, an attorney can help any seaman or ship worker who is hurt while on the job. And in many cases, a hurt […]

The best car accident lawyer for a victim is an attorney that brings a combination of experience, attentiveness and organization to a case. In the aftermath of a crash, a victim may not know how to proceed. They may have medical bills piling up without a source of income to offset them. They may be […]

No field of law is as extensive as personal injury law, as accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. There’s no predicting who will become a victim, but no matter who is harmed by a defective product, a careless driver or a negligent employer, an attorney can assist them in attaining compensation. These cases […]

An 18 wheeler accident lawyer has to be ready to help victims whose lives have changed forever. Commercial trucks weigh many tons, and are capable of pulverizing sedans and compact cars. They can send other vehicles over guardrails, into ditches, and crush them against concrete barriers. In short, a big rig’s destructive potential is not […]

A construction accident lawyer has seen it all. They have seen scaffolding fail. They have seen workers injured after falling multiple stories. They have seen workers harmed by electrocution or fire. They have seen workers hurt by heavy machinery, by a careless driver, and by a collapsed trench. There is a lot that can go […]

All too often, people who are injured in an auto accident are forced to miss work. This only adds insult to injury when you have mounting expenses and lose wages at the same time. You may miss work to contact the insurance company, have an estimate performed on your vehicle, or seek medical attention. In […]