Month: January 2016

Many people take to the roads on bicycles, both competitively and leisurely. Unfortunately, many bicyclists think it is safer to ride against the flow of traffic so that drivers can see them pedaling toward their vehicles head on. Although it may be counterintuitive, it is more dangerous to ride against the flow of vehicular traffic! […]

Among friends and family, we often don’t think twice when borrowing a car for a short trip around the block. It is also not uncommon to take turns driving another person’s vehicle on a long trip. These decisions can lead to serious liability issues and create financial exposure should a car crash occur when someone […]

The National Safety Council (NSC) offered the first defensive driving course in 1964. From their experience, the NSC has found defensive driving to decrease car crashes, reduce insurance premiums, and keep drivers safer. Defensive Driving Tips Here are some defensive driving tips to protect yourself from other drivers: Know Your Surroundings—monitor other traffic by checking […]

Texas has the shameful distinction of being the worst in the nation in terms of deaths caused by drunk driving. Some of this is the function of the state’s high population, but not all of it. California, notably, has a higher population than Texas, but 40 percent fewer alcohol-related traffic fatalities. To some extent, the […]

Personal injury law suits are among the most powerful tools in a victim’s arsenal, giving them the ability to fight back against a person or institute they perceive as negligent. A claim can involve everything from vehicle accidents to dog bites to defective drugs, and can provide funds for medical expenses and other damages resulting […]

A lung cancer injury lawyer helps victims facing one of the worst medical conditions a person can experience. Tumors in the lungs are typically aggressive and often fatal within months. But perhaps the most frustrating thing about these tumors is that they are often caused by risk factors that could have been prevented with proper […]

18-year-old pedestrian killed in Baytown An auto-pedestrian collision resulted in the death of 18-year-old Madison Nicole Creagh early Tuesday morning in Baytown. Earlier, Creagh was driving a truck along Highway 99 when it became stuck in a ditch.  Creagh abandoned the disabled vehicle and started walking until she finally fell on Highway 146 according to […]

A seaman knows that an accident is something that can always happen at sea, and yet, these workers face down the risks every day. Ship crew also know that they are particularly vulnerable when it comes to injury compensation as well, because they don’t get the same worker’s compensation that others get when they are […]

Because they can cause severe, even fatal injuries, victims of an auto accident often need lawyers in Houston to help facilitate their recovery. The Bayou City is one of the worst cities in the nation in terms of traffic safety, and in 2011, there were approximately 40,000 documented crashes in the city. No other city […]

A Jones Act lawyer regularly handles cases from seamen who work in the area. Whether on a shipping tow heading down the city’s ship channel, or on one of many oil drilling platforms, an attorney can help any seaman or ship worker who is hurt while on the job. And in many cases, a hurt […]