Month: November 2015

A power morcellator recall became necessary once researchers discovered its link to cancer. The device is made with a motorized blade attached to a rod, and the blade is designed to mince tissue at the treatment site – usually diseased tissue in the uterus. The rod is also made with a vacuum system that sucks […]

Have you ever made the effort to childproof your home?  As a new parent, this is often a goal once your child begins to toddle around and grasp new objects. Complete childproofing is almost unattainable, but it is always important to monitor the news for new, or unthought-of, dangers. Recently, there has been a media […]

Texans like to hear that there is a booming oil industry. It’s, of course, good for the state’s economy. However, it’s a different story when there is a boom in oilfield fatalities. In 2014, 142 U.S. oilfield employees died.  Seventy-one of those employees died in Texas. From 2010 to 2014, 270 of the 615 U.S. oilfield […]