Month: August 2015

Oftentimes, motorists are frustrated by cyclists on the roadways.  Anyone can say, “Share the road,” yet cyclists need to take special precautions not only to follow the rules of the road but also to ride defensively.  Instead of being a passive cyclist, be defensive about your road space and safety measures you take in preparing […]

Frustrated when you are late for work but left at the same time you do each morning? Can’t leave the office for lunch because you’ll never make it back in time? Tired of crawling home in the evenings? Here’s why. According to the 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard, a study released by Texas A&M Transportation Institute […]

School is back in session, and every morning on the way to and from work, the roads are filled with school buses and school zones changing the flow of traffic. It is easy to get distracted while trying to make it to the office on time or checking a quick email, but drivers need to […]

Each year, more than 17,000 Americans are injured in fires and more than 3,000 are killed. The majority of these are house fires, but they can also be fires at work, vehicle fires and fires at places people frequent like restaurants and retailers. Why You Need a Burn Injury Lawyer It is of particular importance […]

According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, there are more than 300,000 accidents annually in the United States between trucks and cars and more than 100,000 people are injured. Many of these collisions involve tow trucks, the very vehicles that are sent to help clean up after accidents. Though this may seem ironic, tow truck drivers are […]

Each year, more hundreds of thousands of people are injured in the United States due to defective consumer products. These run the gamut from infant swings and strollers to vehicles to things like toasters with faulty wiring. You should be able to count on the products you buy in this country being safe for you […]