Month: June 2015

To some, being a trucker may seem like an ideal job. What could be easier than just driving down a highway all day, right? However, you carry a certain responsibility when you are driving an 18 wheeler. There’s good reason you need a separate license just to operate one. Each year, it is estimated that […]

For those that have not heard, there has been an epidemic of bicycle accidents in Houston. From the young to the old, lives are being taken over and over by a momentary distraction or lack of sharing the road.  At least 23 cyclists died in a vehicle-related collision in the Houston area over the last […]

Most people consider alcohol use when they think of liver failure, but the leading cause of acute damage to the organ has nothing to do with drinking. Acetaminophen, usually marketed in the form of Tylenol, is responsible for more cases of acute organ damage than any other risk factor in the country, and the FDA […]

Few things are as dangerous on the road like a drunk truck driver, but scary enough, they are more common than many people realize. The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for keeping them off the road, but it’s impossible to catch everyone. And while the FMCSA does require random drug and alcohol […]

A head-on collision is the one accident that drivers should always work to avoid. Not only are these crashes extremely deadly, they are also completely avoidable as long as everyone is paying attention while driving. These wrecks aren’t like other accidents because the force involved is multiplied, and even a modest weight difference between the […]

A drunk driving accident should never happen simply because the risks are so well-known. There are other options to get home, and others can take charge of their friends and family and make sure that no one gets behind the wheel inebriated. When a crash does occur, it usually involves someone who has been breaking […]

Wrecks involving large passenger vehicles are terrifying affairs, but when a bus accident does occur, injury attorneys can help a victim get their life put back together. The challenge with these claims is that they often include multiple parties. The vehicle driver, the driver’s employer, the company responsible for maintaining the vehicle, vehicle part manufacturers, […]