Month: May 2015

Today’s stories cover a chemical leak and a plane crash. First, an anhydrous ammonia gas leak at a chemical plant in the Texas Panhandle results in an evacuation and hospitalization of ten people Thursday afternoon.  The toxic gas release occurred at the Agrium Plant, which makes fertilizer products in the town of Borger, Texas.  According […]

Today’s articles cover drunk driving, drilling rig injuries and medcial devices. A single-vehicle crash late Monday claims the life of a Houston man after the vehicle swerves off the Interstate 10 service road crashing into a ditch in Acadia Parish, Louisiana.  According to local authorities, Shameka Semere, a 27-year-old from Houston, was driving a 1997 […]

Eduardo Herrera Garcia, a 22-year-old, died in a serious collision with an H-E-B tractor-trailer Sunday evening in Starr County, Texas.  The crash occurred about 6:30 p.m. on FM 1017 near FM 2294 near San Isidro.  According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Mr. Herrera Garcia was driving a Ford Mustang eastbound on FM 1017 while […]

A garbage truck accident in the Houston area may not seem like a common occurrence, but these huge vehicles pose a serious threat to other motorists, pedestrians and the workers who do their job around them. Whether on foot or in a car, people have to be on their guard when around a waste management […]

No family wants to have to consult with a birth injury lawyer, but the tragic truth is that thousands of children every year are harmed by the negligence of others. Uncontrollable genetic and environmental factors are involved in most newborn complications, but reckless doctors and pharmaceutical companies can also cause harm. This may be due […]

A motorcycle accident attorney sees some of the worst injuries possible. With little protection from collisions, and the extreme weight difference between a bike and a car, bikers are often smashed into with terrifying force or thrown clear off their bike. When a crash does occur, it is often due to the inattention of the […]

Today’s articles cover injuries both on land and out at sea. First, a dramatic auto collision in southwest Houston resulted in two Houston Police Department officers getting rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital at the Medical Center Tuesday morning.  According to authorities, the incident occurred about 9:30 a.m. near the 9898 block of Forum Park and […]

A semi truck accident lawyer in Houston is ready to handle some of the worst injury cases possible. The heavy traffic in the city, along with the heavy mass behind an 18-wheeler, is capable of causing serious crashes. In the worst wrecks, the 18-wheeler may pin smaller cars against guardrails, walls, or sweep the cars […]

Victims of a big rig accident often have an extremely long road of recovery ahead of them, and for some, it’s a road that never comes to a conclusion. Those that survive such an encounter often struggle with long-term complications, like the loss of mobility or limb use, chronic pain, or loss of organ function. […]

Warnings were issued by federal officials regarding the danger of inhaling chemicals at oil wells after the death of nine workers over the past five years.  The deaths affected workers who dealt with crude production tanks in North Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Texas, and Oklahoma.  North Dakota and Colorado each sustained three deaths while the other […]