Month: May 2015

Victims of a big rig accident often have an extremely long road of recovery ahead of them, and for some, it’s a road that never comes to a conclusion. Those that survive such an encounter often struggle with long-term complications, like the loss of mobility or limb use, chronic pain, or loss of organ function. […]

In the days following an 18 wheeler accident, speaking to a lawyer may be the best decision a victim can make. Crashes involving commercial trucks are some of the worst on the road, as they involve massive differences in weight and size. This frequently leads to terrible injuries, especially if a driver is hit head-on […]

Until recently, Z pack side effects were nothing to worry about. Doctors were convinced the antibiotic, also known by its trade name azithromycin, couldn’t cause more harm than the occasional bout of nausea or diarrhea. In 2012, though, this belief was overturned in light of some extensive research into the medication. The research was so […]