Month: April 2015

A drug injury lawyer is an essential and effective layer of consumer protection, ensuring that reckless doctors and powerful pharmaceutical companies are held responsible for their negligence. When patients take their medications, they expect their health to improve, but this is often not the case. If it is not tested and administered correctly, medication can […]

Legal experts are bracing for an onslaught of Medtronic bone graft lawsuits, and their number is growing by the day. This implant was initially hailed as a huge step forward for spine surgery, but now there’s nothing but controversy surrounding it. For the most part, the controversy is due to the company’s unethical business practices, […]

Blue Bell may be a Texas staple, homegrown in the heart of the state and standing for more than a century, but a worrisome listeria outbreak at the creamery’s facilities is threatening its reputation, and the people who buy its products. For weeks, the company began recalling some of its ice cream products, but now […]

A defective product is a liability issue, and when said product hurts someone, the manufacturer or designer should be held responsible for their negligence. In today’s world of mass production, quality controls are more important than ever. However, companies often cut corners with item prototyping and testing, carelessly putting dangerous consumer items on the shelves. […]

It can be nearly impossible for a family to recover from a drowning, but a lawyer can at least make sure that the responsible party is held liable for their negligence. For decades, safety ordinances associated with pools were poorly enforced and ill-defined, leaving children at major risk every time they entered the water. Pools […]

When birth defects are present, an attorney can help a family pursue legal action against a doctor or other healthcare provider that was acting in negligence. Babies in utero are extremely vulnerable to any number of environmental risks, such as dangerous prescription drugs or reckless delivery procedures. In most cases, a family won’t even know […]

Many vessel owners don’t take the risk of a boat accident seriously, believing that the open water and their skill will help them through any dangerous situation. This recklessness often leads to trouble, and the results can be tragic. Every year, more than 4,000 wrecks claim about 700 lives, and the vast majority of these […]

If a victim wants to recover both physically and financially from a car wreck, they may need lawyer assistance to do it. Vehicle crashes are among the most common cases an injury attorney will take on, and the process for determining liability is well-established at this point. However, that doesn’t mean that every case is […]