Month: February 2015

When a charter bus crash occurs, the results are usually tragic. A full passenger vehicle may hold up to 50 people or more, and only some vehicles come with safety restraints. Also, because these vehicles are so heavy, there is a great deal of force involved in any wreck. While this means smaller vehicles are […]

The most effective way to prevent infant death on the road is to place the child securely in a car seat. Even the safest driver is going to be involved in a minor accident from time to time, and what would be a forgettable fender bender to an adult can cause serious injury to a […]

One of the worst industrial accidents that can occur on a worksite is a crane collapse. When one of these massive pieces of machinery fails, the results are often sudden and deadly. Towering lifters are responsible for handling tons of material in a single go, and though they can exert a tremendous amount of power, […]

In the construction industry, a worksite accident is something that employees and their employers have to be ready for. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that nearly 10 percent of all workers in the field will suffer some type of injury, and these are just the numbers reported to OSHA. The actual rate […]