Month: January 2015

No child should have to experience a birth injury, but a trusted lawyer can help a family who has been victimized in this way. These incidents are not the same as birth defects, which typically occur during development in the womb. Birth injuries occur during delivery of the child and are usually the result of […]

Most Houston law firms are specialized in a few areas of expertise, and only a handful are capable of representing injury victims properly. And among these, only a select few have the experience to handle any injury case with confidence. During the case proceedings, the victim may be in medical recovery and unable to exert […]

Texas mesothelioma attorneys are putting in the overtime these days as more asbestos-related lawsuits are filed here than anywhere else in the nation. This is primarily because the state has had the fourth highest number of asbestos-related deaths since 1999. With so many oil and gas, shipping, chemical and shipbuilding companies in Houston and Dallas, […]

Maritime lawsuits are not like most other injury claims, primarily due to the presence of the Jones Act. This federal statute regulates many elements of oceangoing vessels, including the rights entitled to a seaman in the event of injury. This is paramount, as seamen are not protected by workers’ compensation if they are hurt on […]

A Texas car accident lawyer is always busy, as the Lone Star State ranks near the top in serious and fatal injury rates among motorists. The courts are regularly tied down with these cases, so there have been attempts to expedite them, usually with no-doubt liability standards. Attorneys experienced in the area have to be […]

A bike accident attorney often has to deal with some of the most devastating injury cases. When a rider is struck by a car, there is little protecting them from the force of impact. A helmet may save a rider’s life, but it won’t necessarily prevent serious injury, and even a car traveling as slow […]

An offshore accident attorney is often the only person capable of helping a seaman after they have been hurt on the job. Seamen are not eligible for workers’ compensation in the event of injury and must instead pursue a negligence claim against an employer or vessel owner. Qualified seamen also have a right to maintenance […]

When a motor vehicle collides with a bicycle, the resulting injury can be extremely serious, even fatal. Any cyclist that has spent a long time on the road has had some close calls, and it only takes a single accident to change the rider’s life forever. These accidents are also becoming an increasing concern in […]

Today’s daily stories remind us that Houston is still far from a pedestrian friendly city. A vehicle struck a middle-aged woman in Cypress last night killing her. According to reports, the woman was crossing using the crosswalk at the intersection of Queenston Blvd and Forest Height Drive when the incident occurred. Life Flight responded to […]

Whenever a victim believes they have been hurt due to the negligence or carelessness of another, they have the legal right to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party. There are hundreds of situations in which this legal right is available to the victim, but they are all handled a little bit differently. […]