Month: November 2014

SUV rollover cases have become so common in recent years that vehicle manufacturers have had to institute several recalls. These vehicles are built with narrow track widths and higher bodies, giving them a much higher center of gravity. This combination is deadly when making sharp turns, as a slight bump or pothole can send the […]

A Transocean worker could once take pride in their company as it boasted an excellent safety and workplace satisfaction level until recent years. Since the turn of the millenium, though, the company has been involved in a number of fatal accidents that have called into question the company’s practices. This skepticism reached its apex in […]

Whenever train collisions occur, the results can be tragic. There is little that can stop a locomotive, and small passenger vehicles can be pushed for hundreds of yards by a locomotive before they come to a halt. Statistics say that a locomotive accident occurs nearly every three hours around the country. These cases are often […]

A GM ignition recall has been organized for several of the manufacturer’s vehicles due to faulty parts near the ignition block. While in operation, any vehicle with a faulty ignition can suddenly lose power, causing the air bag system, power steering or braking to shut down essentially. For obvious reasons, this can immediately put a […]

A motorcycle death is always tragic because it is often preventable. Bikes, with their small size and high mobility, are often hit by drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road or are attempting to make a dangerous maneuver. Even when riders are maintaining vigilance on the road, it may not save them from a […]

A scaffolding accident is one of the most common, and, unfortunately, one of the deadliest incidents that can occur on a construction site. These support structures can extend a dozen or more stories into the air, leaving workers at the top at risk of dangerous falls. Unsecured tools can also tumble over the edge, causing […]

EON and EON Mini are implants created to relieve chronic pain. These implants, which are manufactured by St. Jude, are designed to be placed under the skin and near the spinal column. Here, it generates small electrical currents that disrupt pain signals being sent to the brain. This can confuse the brain, reducing pain intensity […]

Mesothelioma cancer can be linked to the use of asbestos found in a variety of construction materials.  Prior to 1978, asbestos use was especially popular in insulation materials due to the substance being highly durable, impervious to heat and cold, and fire resistant. Despite its good qualities, asbestos is very harmful to the human body, […]

Cases that involve offshore injuries are more complex than a typical accident claim, and this should be kept in mind when looking for an attorney. These claims involve workers who spend much of their time at sea, and these workers are protected by the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act. […]

If you’ve been prescribed testosterone therapy and experienced serious side effects, you may want to consider hiring an experienced drug injury attorney who can file a Low T lawsuit on your behalf. Did you know that you could be at a 30% higher risk for heart problems thanks to testosterone therapy? Even if you remember […]