Month: October 2014

Texas Lawyer

If a person needs the help of a disability attorney, they have likely faced the power of government bureaucracy. More than half of all people who apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits will be initially rejected, and the process can seem like it drags on forever. A lawyer experienced in the field can serve […]

Transvaginal mesh cases are mounting. In fact, more than 58,000 are pending in America’s courts at this very moment. If you have experienced complications as a result of the implant, you are not alone. All over the country, plaintiffs contend that they did not receive sufficient warning of the health risks involved and are now […]

Two people sustained injuries in a serious collision yesterday afternoon between a big-rig and a pick-up in Katy.  According to local authorities, the collision occurred at the intersection of FM 529 and Katy Hockley Cut Off Road.  The impact caused the big-rig to flip over losing its load of sand and caught fire.  Meanwhile, the […]

A deadly motorcycle accident last night on the HOV lane of Highway 290 led to a complete westbound traffic closure for several hours.  The incident reportedly occurred between Tidwell Road and Eldridge Road.  The authorities are currently investigating the cause of the collision. Tragedy struck this morning on Houston’s east end as a mother died […]

An intersectional collision between a Dodge Charger and a GMC Yukon turned deadly last night in southeast Houston.  The Dodge Charger was traveling eastbound on the 4300 block of Yellowstone Street while the GMC Yukon was traveling northbound on the 6700 block of Sidney Street.  According to the Houston Police Department, a stop sign facing […]

Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Deputy Marguerite Vasquez sustained serious injuries including a fractured ankle in a motor vehicle collision late Friday night on State Highway 7 near Loop 224.  Although Deputy Vasquez attempted to avoid the impact with a vehicle merging off the Loop onto Highway 7, collision was unavoidable according to local authorities.  An ambulance […]

If you recently stopped taking Cymbalta and experienced withdrawal side effects, you are not alone. The Food and Drug Administration reports that compared to patients who discontinued Paxil or Effexor, three times as many Cymbalta users looked to Google for help with withdrawal symptoms. Each of these medications is used to treat depression, but discontinuation […]

Each year, Americans file thousands of defective products cases in courtrooms all over the country. Many consumers have purchased an item only to find out that the merchandise is flawed. At best, the consumer experiences only a mild annoyance or frustration at the poor design, manufacturing error, or confusing user manual. At worst, the defective […]

When a motorist strikes a person riding a bike, bicycle accident lawyers can be helpful in sorting out liability and determining who is at fault. Motorists must be careful when they share the road with riders, as even a slight bump can knock a person to the ground and leave them vulnerable to other traffic. […]

If you work around cranes, you rely on training, workplace safety procedures, properly functioning equipment and the alertness of coworkers and supervisors to avoid a crane accident. Unfortunately, sometimes one or more of these components designed to ensure your safety and wellbeing fail, often resulting in injury or even death. In September 2014, more than […]