Month: September 2014

Tread separation cases can involve extremely serious or fatal injuries because a sudden tire failure can send a vehicle careening out of control. This typically occurs when a tire is not manufactured or serviced properly, or when a driver does not maintain their vehicle properly. In the weeks following an accident, injured victims may be […]

What can an 18 wheeler accident lawyer do for you? A qualified and experienced attorney will strive to bring responsible parties to justice, recoup the cost of medical expenses where applicable, compensate for loss of income in the event of prolonged hospitalization, obtain rewards for pain and suffering, and in the event of death, ascertain […]

There are few things as tragic as a drunk driving death, in part because these accidents should never happen. These fatal accidents involve a disproportionate amount of younger motorists and children, so the problem affects our most vulnerable. Every day, about 30 people are killed by impaired motorists, and the material costs of these accidents […]

People hurt in an accident involving a FedEx truck often need injury lawyer assistance to ascertain the circumstances of the accident and determine who is responsible. Though this freight company regularly receives accolades for its commitment to safety, it contracts nearly 45,000 drivers to deliver packages around the country every day. The sheer number of […]

Zoloft side effects take many forms, and many of them are life changing or even fatal. Also called sertraline, its generic name, this medication has been the second most-prescribed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) since its production. It is one of Pfizer’s most-profitable drugs, and even though it has been on the market for more […]