Month: September 2014

Car accident lawyers are some of the busiest legal professionals in the city. With the city’s spread out network of roads and heavy traffic, the largest city in Texas has a major problem with vehicle crashes. Sadly, many of these accidents result in serious injuries. The financial recovery can be even harder for a victim […]

Anyone involved in a serious car accident is at risk of suffering life-changing injuries. Drivers must control their vehicle and do everything possible to avoid accidents, and if they are negligent while behind the wheel, they will likely be liable for any damages they cause. Victims may be able to attain compensation if they are […]

Thankfully, a refinery explosion doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, the consequences are devastating. Injuries caused by the blast may range from broken bones to severed limbs and, ultimately, loss of life. More than 300,000 Texans work for oil and gas companies, with roughly half of them in support and administrative roles. The […]

Medical researchers have been clear on the link between lung cancer and asbestos for some time. This silicate, which was used extensively for decades, is the primary cause of mesothelioma and other serious health problems. The problem arises from how the silicate forms and how it is used. As the mineral develops, it generates millions […]

When Metro is involved in a bus or light rail crash, the results are often devastating. These passenger carriers weigh more than other vehicles on the road, so they can obliterate anything they collide with, including pedestrians caught in the middle of a crosswalk. Even worse, Metro responds to these incidents poorly, often leaving victims […]

Tread separation cases can involve extremely serious or fatal injuries because a sudden tire failure can send a vehicle careening out of control. This typically occurs when a tire is not manufactured or serviced properly, or when a driver does not maintain their vehicle properly. In the weeks following an accident, injured victims may be […]

A food poisoning lawsuit is a complicated claim to manage and is best handled by an attorney with experience in the area. This is because proof is hard to come by with these cases. Still, putting up with a contaminated meal is extremely frustrating, and suppliers must be held accountable for their carelessness. That is […]

What can an 18 wheeler accident lawyer do for you? A qualified and experienced attorney will strive to bring responsible parties to justice, recoup the cost of medical expenses where applicable, compensate for loss of income in the event of prolonged hospitalization, obtain rewards for pain and suffering, and in the event of death, ascertain […]

Recently made available on the market, Xarelto and the bleeding risk associated with the drug have already created a lightning rod of controversy. It passed the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval process in 2011, though just for people with recent hip or knee surgery. Its use was quickly expanded to patients with atrial fibrillation […]

There are few things as tragic as a drunk driving death, in part because these accidents should never happen. These fatal accidents involve a disproportionate amount of younger motorists and children, so the problem affects our most vulnerable. Every day, about 30 people are killed by impaired motorists, and the material costs of these accidents […]