Month: August 2014

In recent years, salmonella in peanut and almond butter has captured many headlines. In 2008 and 2009, an outbreak of the bacteria swept across the U.S., sickening 714 people and killing nine, including several children. By the time the outbreak was contained it had spread to 46 states, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) officials […]

With thousands injured every year in accidents resulting from tire defects, cases filed under the product liability laws are becoming quite common. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration works hard to place product recalls when necessary and maximize safety standards, yet oftentimes faulty products go unnoticed. In this case the traction of the vehicle […]

With so many oil and chemical processing facilities in the area, it’s no surprise that workers caught in a Houston area explosion often need lawyer assistance to help address their medical expenses. Plant fires and blasts are rare, but they cause some of the most grievous injuries sustained by workers each year. Often, these injuries […]

Only in recent years has the link between mesothelioma and drilling mud become a primary focus. Isolated offshore, oil platforms often operate outside of close scrutiny, engaging in safety risks that would be quickly branded unacceptable on land. What’s becoming clearer, though, is that the now well-known threat of asbestos lingered on these platforms far […]

Proper vehicle maintenance is essential to accident-free driving, and tire safety is one of the key concerns when it comes to avoiding trouble on the road. We don’t usually pay much attention to our wheels, and problems rarely announce themselves either visibly or audibly. When the battery fails, we’ll know it immediately—the car won’t start; […]