Month: July 2014

In a perfect world, companies would put the safety and security of their human resources and the environment over and above their corporate bottom lines. But in case you haven’t guessed by now, we don’t live in a perfect world. Take the Texas oil fields for instance. Yes, drilling for oil and gas is inherently […]

Prozac side effects can be very harmful, not only to the individual taking the prescription, but also to the unborn child if a woman is pregnant.  This particular antipsychotic is called an SSRI, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. That is because the drug blocks a particular type of serotonin, something that can cause a myriad […]

Warm weather, sun, fun… playing outside, going for a dip in the family pool – everything that makes summer fun. But that could change in an instant, causing a lifetime of regrets, not to mention the possibility of some possibly devastating legal fees and civil judgments. Backyard Pools All that crisp, cool water just inviting […]

Do you suspect you have suffered damages because of a defective tire? A lawyer can offer counsel to victims or survivors that want to explore legal repercussions in these matters. Let’s examine a few statistics involving automobile accidents. Every year there are nearly 11 million automobile accidents in the United States. Nearly 400k of those […]

A car seat injury can be one of the most frightening times for a parent and their child.  Protection is key with these devices, and when the product fails to protect the child, it can have devastating consequences.  Eleven million of these products have been recalled in the last decade from all of the major […]

Anyone who works around a scaffold knows serious injury is a constant threat, as even a brief lapse in oversight can put workers at serious risk around these support structures. Although they are most common in the construction industry, anyone that works around the outside of a building will have to climb on top of […]

After a major car seat recall, an attorney may be needed. Millions of child safety seats have been removed from store shelves in the last 15 years, and on average, there is a major safety alert every other month concerning these products. The most recent one concerns Graco, a leading manufacturer in the industry. Graco, […]

Patrons that have become seriously ill from consuming a product at a restaurant may wonder if food poisoning lawsuit settlements are likely.   Today, these types of cases are on the rise as the number of restaurants grows across the nation.  Consumers may become sick from food that has been contaminated by salmonella and e-coli from […]