Month: June 2014

An alleged drunk driver has taken the lives of four adults and a minor over the weekend in northwest Houston over the weekend. According to authorities, Efraim Carmona, a 34 year-old, was traveling the wrong direction in the westbound lanes of the North Sam Houston Tollway near Wilson Road when he caused a severe head-on […]

It’s common for a victim to file a lawsuit when a drunk driver causes an accident resulting in injury. Negligence is usually the determining factor when determining what compensation the victim is entitled to. When a motorist gets behind the wheel while under the influence, though, they will typically be held responsible for any accidents […]

In the wake of a serious injury, a personal injury lawyer may be contacted in an attempt to hold the responsible party liable. Severe accidents can result in long-term or permanent disability or disfigurement, and the compensation needed to maintain the victim’s health in these cases can be sizable. In general, the larger the claim, […]

River Ramsey, an 11 month-old infant child, tragically died on June 13, 2014 from injuries sustained in a hit-and-run accident in the 9000 block of the North Freeway in Houston, TX. Daniel Romero, the alleged driver, is charged with failure to stop and render aid involving death. According to authorities, Romero failed to control his […]

When a truck accident occurs, an injury attorney can be one of the most valuable allies for a victim. An 18-wheeler wreck is often deadlier than other vehicle crashes, given the extreme size difference between commercial and passenger vehicles. Overall, incidents involving big rigs are rare, but they cause more than 100,000 injuries every year. […]

Texas Accidents in the News: Day of June 25, 2014 A woman driving a pick-up truck ran the light at the intersection of West South Loop and South Breaswood Boulevard in southwest Houston last night and caused a serious collision with another vehicle. The impact caused the woman’s pick-up to rollover onto her driver’s side […]

While a plant explosion is a rare occurrence, it is a massive disaster that can cause serious injuries to workers and those living near the facility. Loss of life is common in these accidents, and those who survive will often have a long road to recovery. For this reason, facility owners and managers must maintain […]

One of the most serious, yet common lawsuits being waged regards the Risperdal side effects in boys, and they’re aimed at Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of the drug. The drug itself is an anti-psychotic that works on the brain’s receptors to help correct behavioral or mental problems. Because the drug is reacting with the […]

Texas Accidents in the News: Day of June 23, 2014 Four people lost their lives this weekend while on their way home from a graduation celebration after a severe collision in southwest Houston. According to the authorities, Million Zeghergis, a 31 year-old male, was driving an SUV when he ran the light at Synott at […]

Maritime law typically involves litigation that is completely different from other injury claims. Under the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, qualified seamen are subject to a number of benefits and challenges that make this field highly complex. Unlike workers compensation claims, qualified seamen aren’t protected, regardless of how the injury happens. This can make injury […]