Month: June 2014

It’s common for a victim to file a lawsuit when a drunk driver causes an accident resulting in injury. Negligence is usually the determining factor when determining what compensation the victim is entitled to. When a motorist gets behind the wheel while under the influence, though, they will typically be held responsible for any accidents […]

In the wake of a serious injury, a personal injury lawyer may be contacted in an attempt to hold the responsible party liable. Severe accidents can result in long-term or permanent disability or disfigurement, and the compensation needed to maintain the victim’s health in these cases can be sizable. In general, the larger the claim, […]

When a truck accident occurs, an injury attorney can be one of the most valuable allies for a victim. An 18-wheeler wreck is often deadlier than other vehicle crashes, given the extreme size difference between commercial and passenger vehicles. Overall, incidents involving big rigs are rare, but they cause more than 100,000 injuries every year. […]

While a plant explosion is a rare occurrence, it is a massive disaster that can cause serious injuries to workers and those living near the facility. Loss of life is common in these accidents, and those who survive will often have a long road to recovery. For this reason, facility owners and managers must maintain […]

Maritime law typically involves litigation that is completely different from other injury claims. Under the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, qualified seamen are subject to a number of benefits and challenges that make this field highly complex. Unlike workers compensation claims, qualified seamen aren’t protected, regardless of how the injury happens. This can make injury […]

A boating accident may be a rare occurrence compared to vehicle crashes, but they can cause serious, even permanent injuries. Determining fault in the aftermath of these incidents can be difficult, as a victim must prove negligence on the part of the vessel operator or owner. An experienced personal injury lawyer may need to sift […]

One of the most important things you need to consider when trying to obtain 18 wheeler accident settlements is to find an experienced truck accident attorney. Commercial trucking outfits and their insurance companies will fight to deny you the compensation you are due because of their negligence. You need a highly knowledgeable trucking lawyer to […]

People working on a ship at sea are protected by the Jones Act, a federal statute that, among other things, dictates what a victim may do following an offshore injury. A lawyer that is familiar with the Jones Act and maritime legal procedures is often needed to oversee these cases as they offer unique challenges […]

Compared to other automobile crashes, commercial vehicle accidents are typically more traumatic. The staggering weight difference between cargo trucks and passenger vehicles means a higher rate of serious and fatal injuries. On average, a cargo truck requires up to 40 percent more space on the road to come to a complete stop, and drivers are […]