Month: March 2014

There is an uneasy relationship between brain injuries and football players, with an increasing number of studies showing how dangerous the sport is to athletes.  Given the popularity of football, research into its effects on the body were not received well at first, but there is now no doubt that serious, possibly permanent, damage can […]

Oil Rig

The link between asbestos and mesothelioma is conclusive, so much so, doctors consider the presence of the cancer to be a “sentinel” tumor, or a strong sign that a person has been exposed to the material even if the patient is unaware of it.  Researchers who have studied thousands of case histories have asserted that […]

      Commit for Life Gulf Coast Regional Blood Drive Today is no different than any other day at The Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law office.  The staff is  helping those in need by donating blood with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.   They know that every donation can help save as many as […]