Month: February 2014

Texas accidents in the news: Day of February 27, 2014 A 23-year-old suspected intoxicated driver ran a red light during a police chase and crashed into a Buick and another vehicle, killing one of the  drivers  at the intersection of  Houston Highway and North Ben Wilson Street early Thursday morning.  The woman who was killed […]

Texas accidents in the news: Day of February 26, 2014 Two 20-year-old Huntsville residents were killed in a single-car crash over the weekend on FM 1375 east near New Waverly in Walker County.  According to initial reports, speed around a curve caused the vehicle to skid lodging it into a bar ditch and then crashing […]

Texas accidents in the news: Day of February 25, 2014 Two oilfield workers died after live wire at Maverick Drilling and Exploration Monday afternoon electrocuted them.  According to authorities, a construction vehicle struck an electrical line and the two employees were nearby.  Both employees were transported to the hospital where they later died. Five HISD […]

Texas accidents in the news: Day of February 24, 2014 The first weekend of Mardi Gras started off with a terrible DWI crash in Galveston.  A motorcycle crash took the life of a 25-year veteran Houston police officer and left his 52-year-old wife in critical condition after a horrific crash on the Galveston Seawall Boulevard near […]

Texas accidents in the news: Day of February 20, 2014 The driver responsible for killing a 16-year-old girl and seriously injuring another teenager in a deadly Texas crash on February 10, 2014 was only given a $500 traffic citation for “unsafe speed.”  Both girls played basketball for Northwest High School. The fatal crash  transpired on […]

Many women who have undergone treatment with Mirena have hired a lawyer to help them attain compensation after the device caused major complications.  This birth control intrauterine device (IUD) is considered one of the most effective and popular forms of birth control since its creation.  However, several adverse case reports arising from patient use have […]

Texas accidents in the news: Day of February 19, 2014 In a tragic turn of events, a 4-year-old girl was killed and a woman injured in a horrific crash along Old Houston Road, just south of Texas 242 in the Conroe area.  According to initial reports, speed may have been a factor when the woman […]

  Texas accidents in the news: Day of February 18, 2014  A family of a 17-year-old is suing the owners of Cosmic Jump, an indoor trampoline company, after their son suffered a traumatic head injury last summer.  According to reports, as the teenager’s body weight came down as he jumped on the trampoline, a tear […]

Couple sues brewery after plant explosion during tour A couple from North Texas is suing Franconia Brewing Co. after they were injured when a fermentation tank exploded during a  brewery tour back in Feb 18, 2012.  The couple was not only struck by the tank but by flying debris that came through a metal wall […]

Texas accidents in the news: Day of February 17, 2014   The Federal Aviation Administration has contacted the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate a plane crash that occurred while taking off from Lake Water Wheel Airport near Shepherd Sunday morning. The pilot of the small plane, which was a single-engine Experimental RANS S-10, died […]