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Why Are Dialysis Patients Filing Lawsuits For Health Complications?

Some dangerous dialysis medications have prompted lawsuits by many patients, with claims that the drugs were responsible for serious health concerns, including fatal heart failure. Specifically, Fresnius Medical Care’s Granuflo and Naturalyte are responsible for serious adverse effects and have been recalled by the FDA as a r[...]

Date: November 6, 2013 / Drug Injury / Uncategorized

Why Was A Darvocet Recall The Best Option For Patient Safety?

Though dextropropxyphene and the medications that contain it have been around for decades, the FDA instituted a Darvocet recall in November, 2012. Until 2009, the agency had considered the medication to be safe for general use, but after reviewing compiled statistics provided by medical examiners around the country, this opini[...]

Date: November 5, 2013 / Drug Injury / Uncategorized
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