Month: July 2013

More research is being done to reveal some serious Topamax side effects. One of those is a birth defect that occurs during the early stages of fetal development. Studies have shown a link between a pregnant woman taking Topamax and oral clefts being present at birth. The fetus’ mouth opening or the roof of their […]

Many people who suffer a back injury hire an attorney to help them attain restitution. When another party is responsible for an accident that causes harm, a legal professional can help the victim receive fair compensation. This part of the body is sensitive to damage, and serious incidents can result in the loss of motor function […]

An accident resulting in a slip and fall may require a lawyer specializing in personal injury cases. These types of claims are typically based upon liability of a property owner for the accident because he or she allowed a dangerous condition.  There are four basic categories of claims: 1) Slip, 2) Stump, 3) Step, and […]

Those suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome will exhibit severe skin rashes that develop around the mucus membranes of the body.  The initial unpleasant blisters and lesions that appear can lead to serious long-term conditions such as blindness, inability to regulate body temperature, asthma, chronic fatigue, bad scarring, and in some more severe cases, death.  More […]

Product liability claims are filed when a person suffers injuries or damages from a defective product. The law sets forth four elements which must be met to have a case: 1) individual injured or suffered actual damages, 2) the item is defective, 3) the injury or loss resulted from the defective item, and 4) the […]

In an industrial or chemical plant explosion, it can often be complex to determine what exactly was the catalyst, and which parties are to blame for the mishap.  It’s typically the case that much of the evidence is destroyed, which can sometimes work to delay and obstruct the process of justice. It is a known […]

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of July 25, 2013 A southwest Houston man was critically injured Thursday morning when his pickup truck hit a curb and rolled over in Missouri City. Witnesses say he was speeding on S. Gessner at Cravens when he tried to maneuver around another car, but ran into a […]

A personal injury suit is normally put together when a victim believes they’ve been harmed by a person or company acting negligently. This suffering may be physical or mental, and is even applicable if the victim was killed due to negligence. The victim or their family will have to prove to the court that the […]

Houston area accidents in the news: Day of July 24, 2013 There was a two vehicle accident in College Station on Texas Ave. on Wednesday morning July 23. One of the cars hit the pedestal that powers the traffic signals at the intersection. One of the passengers was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Three […]

There are hundreds of qualified and experienced attorneys in the city of Houston. A Social Security lawyer can be researched by consulting lawyer ratings. These ratings help people determine which attorney is likely to do a quality job defending the client’s legal rights. An attorney’s abilities are judged in 5 separate categories. These categories are […]