Month: May 2013

Hundreds of victims taking Pradaxa have experienced bleeding severe enough to put their lives in danger. Dabigatran, the active ingredient in the medication, is prescribed to people who are suffering from arterial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat. This disorder can result in a stroke, and Dabigatran’s anticoagulant properties can help prevent this. Unfortunately, this property can […]

A drug injury lawyer in Houston may be needed for people who are diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension. Every year, between 500 and 1,000 people are diagnosed with this disease, which is incurable and often fatal. Doctors are not completely sure what causes the disorder, as many people who develop it have no underlying lung […]

Those who have pursued an Accutane lawsuit have suffered from a range of major complications associated with the drug’s active ingredient, isotretinoin. This vitamin A derivative has been shown to cause severe birth defects, depression and permanent conditions like inflammatory bowel disease or uncontrolled bone growth. It has been thoroughly reviewed by the FDA, which […]

Although it is an effective treatment for cystic acne, Accutane related birth defects are extremely common in pregnant women taking the medication. In fact, the FDA has found a 25 to 35 percent increase in risk for severe abnormalities while taking the drug. The U.S., Germany and Australia are among the countries that have produced […]

A trucking accident lawyer is an invaluable asset when experiencing an incident where a commercial automobile is involved, especially given the varying differences than that of a regular automobile wreck. The size and weight of these commercial vehicles can cause reciprocal damages that can far exceed the severity of damages from that of a typical […]

Seeking the assistance of a railroad injury attorney as promptly as possible after a train related accident can help the victim receive recompense. Careers that involve the operation of or around trains are fraught with peril, with wounds and loss of life being very real possible outcomes if anything were to go wrong. The best […]

An aviation accident attorney is needed when an airplane is involved in a tragic incident, either on the ground or in the air. These disasters usually result in the loss of life, and because of this, it is important for the victims’ families to seek restitution. Most of these cases are settled out of court, […]

The wrongful death definition states that an individual or company can be found liable for the death of a person under common law. The claim is a civil action brought most commonly by close relatives or heirs of the deceased. Within the United States the standard of proof for a civil case is a preponderance […]

In the event of an injury caused by a tangible good, many seek counsel from a product liability law firm as soon as possible. An attorney will inform the injured individual of their rights and assist in building a case that should result in proper compensation. Liability cases are a form of consumer protection, and […]

An E-coli outbreak has been reported in Brazos County.  Eight persons have contracted the strain O157:H7.  Two of these are young brothers from the Bryan College Station area, who remain in Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX.  The remaining six are adults and have not been hospitalized. E. coli is a harmful bacterium that inhabits […]