Month: April 2013

Has there been an oilfield accident at the worksite? Wondering whether to contact an attorney? When is the right time? The extraction and manufacturing of gas and oil is a very hazardous process making this a volatile industry, and accidents are commonplace and often unavoidable. As a representative rushes to the victim’s hospital bedside with […]

During a swimming pool accident liability is not usually the first thing the injured person or family thinks about. Folks do not often think that contacting a lawyer is the first course of action, but it should be strongly considered. A small fall or slip can have lasting ramifications, and an insurance agent often shows […]

A personal injury lawyer is capable of providing retribution and compensation for damages caused by another person, company, or agency. People can find and contact an attorney to set up a consultation in several different ways. During the consultation you will be able to ask questions, and if the provided evidence is sufficient, you may […]

A drilling rig accident is a frequent occurrence within the oil and gas industry. With roughly 500,000 miles of pipeline already transporting hazardous materials in the United States, this expanding business sector requires an increased volume of workers as well. The rapid growth along with a need for higher production commonly results in inadequate training, […]

When dealing with something as sensitive as the organ that controls all of our thoughts and many bodily functions, consulting with a brain injury attorney can be one of the best moves any victim can make to try and recoup any damages. These can stem from negligence at the workplace to tragic shootings, each with […]

When a motorist collides with a cyclist, the injuries are often extreme, and in these cases, many seek the help of a bicycle injury attorney. There are many situations in which a motorist may not realize they have to give the right of way to a two-wheeler, but most laws state that cyclists must be […]

In the news yesterday, the ExxonMobil refinery in Beaumont, TX was the scene of a fire where 12 plant workers were injured, with most suffering extensive burns. The fire occurred near a hydrotreater heat exchanger and the workers were welding a section of the heat exchanger as part of maintenance work at the refinery.  The […]

When someone needs help putting together their workman’s comp settlements, he or she should contact a lawyer knowledgeable about the field. This form of insurance involves a series of complicated laws and procedures, and companies will occasionally use all of their resources to avoid having to pay an injured employee, even if they are at […]

The number of deaths and injuries in oil rig accidents are on the rise as workers attempt to meet the Nation’s ever increasing petroleum needs. Occupations as physically demanding as working on an oil field or rig, when paired with the frequently long work hours, consistently high noise levels, large equipment, and flammable material is […]

Though it may seem a bit specific, an asbestos attorney who specializes in this particular type of personal injury claim will prove to be invaluable when attempting to achieve some sort of compensation to aid in the physical or emotional trauma that’s commonly associated with this toxic material. Asbestosis and Mesothelioma are two of the […]