18 Wheelers and Their Rise in Accidents

by Terry Bryant

To some, being a trucker may seem like an ideal job. What could be easier than just driving down a highway all day, right? However, you carry a certain responsibility when you are driving an 18 wheeler. There’s good reason you need a separate license just to operate one. Each year, it is estimated that there are 500,000 accidents involving an 18 wheeler of which 5,000 result in one or more fatalities. More so, it is rarely the truck driver that pays the ultimate price, they are the fatalities in only about 2% of accidents.

One of the states with the most 18 wheeler related accidents is Texas. This may be due to the high amounts of rural areas in which most accidents occur. In 2013, a man drove off an overpass in an 18 wheeler, leading to his death. Investigators were unable to determine the reason he drove off the road. More recently, a Grand Prairie officer was hit by a tractor-trailer that ran a red light. Although, the patrol cruiser was totaled, the officer survived the collision.

When it comes to driving, people forget that an accident is often, just that, an accident. Many of accidents are avoidable if the drivers are more alert to their surroundings and obedient to driving laws. Never tailgate a big truck and always be safe passing them. Lastly, never assume safety. If one driver is not paying attention, it can cost you both of your lives.