When To Contact An 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

Knowing when to call an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Houston is extremely important. Houston is a city with a lot of roadways and, subsequently, a lot of semi-trailer trucks (also known as tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, or big rigs). Unfortunately, a lot of huge trucks on the roads means a lot of auto accidents involving big rigs, often with horrifying results.

Semis may experience a variety of vehicle problems, such as brake or tire failure. Cargo may shift, or the trailer may be overloaded. In addition, other autos may enter a truck’s “blind spot.” Truck drivers may be tired, intoxicated, or aggressive behind the wheel. Due to the massive size of these trucks, any of these scenarios may result in serious injury—or worse—for surrounding drivers.

Incidents involving big rigs are not like other car accidents. These situations can be complex, and the trucking company involved will likely have inspectors, legal team, and their insurance company on the scene soon after an incident. Their goal is to accept as little responsibility as possible.

Only an experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Houston can provide the assistance the victim needs following a wreck. And it’s important to remember the following after a wreck with a big rig:

  • Stay at the scene and talk with the police
  • Do not admit fault
  • If injured, seek medical attention
  • Get contact information from any witnesses
  • Take photos of the scene and vehicle involved

Following the steps above are important and will help a lawyer assist the victim in seeking restitution.