Consider A Lawyer To Help With 18 Wheeler Accident Settlements

by Terry Bryant

One of the most important things you need to consider when trying to obtain 18 wheeler accident settlements is to find an experienced truck accident attorney. Commercial trucking outfits and their insurance companies will fight to deny you the compensation you are due because of their negligence. You need a highly knowledgeable trucking lawyer to help you through the legal process to get the money needed for expenses such as:

  • pain and suffering
  • loss of wages due to injury or disability
  • expensive medical bills
  • emotional and mental suffering
  • other restitutions

The attorneys at The Terry Bryant Law Firm have over 30 years of experience in advocating for its clients in commercial truck collisions. They understand the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and Texas trucking laws. This knowledge helps them obtain evidence to determine whether the driver was in violation of these laws, or if defective parts may have contributed to the accident. In cases involving 18 wheeler accident settlements, truck accident attorneys will collect evidence by:

  • acquiring driving histories
  • examining the black box that records speed and brake application
  • acquiring and reviewing drivers’ log books
  • examining pre-trip and post-trip inspection records
  • subpoenaing vehicle maintenance records
  • obtaining other pertinent documents and evidence such as police reports, vehicle weight tickets, and more

The truck accident attorney will thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident. Because drivers are under duress to get their loads to their destinations as quickly as possible, drivers may violate the federal hours of service regulations and operate their vehicles while extremely fatigued. They may also violate federal weight and load limits causing problems when braking, spillage, or even a lost load. A driver may become distracted by cell phone use, eating, or operation of electronic devices while driving.

When taking on commercial trucking companies to obtain your 18 wheeler accident settlements, think about contacting the attorneys of Terry Bryant. They will fight for the settlement you deserve.