How Can An 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Help Injured Victims?

by Terry Bryant

An 18 wheeler accident lawyer has to be ready to help victims whose lives have changed forever. Commercial trucks weigh many tons, and are capable of pulverizing sedans and compact cars. They can send other vehicles over guardrails, into ditches, and crush them against concrete barriers. In short, a big rig’s destructive potential is not to be underestimated. For the victims involved, the only recourse may be filing a claim against the driver and their employer. This is especially important when a victim has sustained long-term or permanent injuries.

When a commercial vehicle is involved in a crash, driver error is almost always the primary cause of the wreck. Driver fatigue, dangerous risk-taking, speeding, and not checking blind spots can all lead to a disastrous scenario, and an 18 wheeler accident lawyer will have to determine which of these factors were involved. It’s important to note that commercial trucking companies are often held liable for their drivers’ actions under the legal principle of respondeat superior. Respondeat superior states that if an employee causes harm while in the service of an employer, and that employee is acting within the scope of their employment, the employer will be liable to an extent. This means that when a commercial truck crash does occur, the victim can often file a claim against the driver and their employer.

This may be crucial in getting the compensation a victim is owed, and will hopefully prevent any delay in paying for and receiving medical treatment.