Accutane Lawsuit Settlements

Many people have filed an Accutane lawsuit because the active ingredient in this medication, isotretinoin, can cause a wide range of side effects. Many of them are serious enough to cause permanent complications or birth defects. In fact, isotretinoin is classified under pregnancy category X by the FDA because of the high number of birth defects associated with the drug. In addition, this medication can alter brain chemistry, resulting in major depression.

Correlation Between Accutane and Fetal Abnormalities

Any medications under pregnancy category X are considered to be the most dangerous substances to take while pregnant. There is positive evidence gathered from well conducted studies that isotretinoin causes fetal abnormalities. It is contraindicated for women who are pregnant, as there is no justifiable medical reason for its administration. Many women who have filed an Accutane lawsuit have done so because they were administered the drug while pregnant and had children who suffered major complications. These defects include malformations of the head, eyes, skull, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, parathyroid and thymus glands. Testing administered to children born with these deformities has shown decreased intelligence and cognitive functioning. According to U.S. statistics, around 2,000 pregnant women took isotretinoin between 1982 and 2003. Most of these pregnancies ended in miscarriage or abortion due to several medical problems. About 160 of the children had major birth defects. The risk of birth-related complications is so severe that the FDA created the iPLEDGE programs to halt the prescription of isotretinoin to pregnant women. Anyone who had a child with deformities after being prescribed isotretinoin should consider talking with a legal professional right away about filing an Accutane lawsuit.

The reason why this drug is problematic during fetal development is because it is chemically similar to retinoic acid. During embryonic growth, retinoic acid is a signaling mechanism that helps other systems determine the position of the embryo and guides posterior development. Isotretinoin is so chemically similar (both retinoic acid and isotretinoin are derivatives of vitamin A) that it may be mistakenly substituted for retinoic acid, resulting in poor early-stage development of the embryo.

Depression and Psychological Issues

Many other people who have pursued an Accutane lawsuit have done so because of psychological problems.While doctors have believed there was a link between the drug and depression for decades, it wasn’t until 2006 where positive evidence was demonstrated in mice. In addition to depression, some patients have reported suicide ideation and attempts. Some people who have taken the medication have committed suicide. Experts still aren’t sure how isotretinoin causes these emotional problems, which makes it difficult to predict them in patients. People who already have depression or other psychological disorders are recommended by doctors to not take the drug.

While depression and birth defects are the most common major complications associated with isotretinoin, many people have pursued an Accutane lawsuit because of other side effects. Severe and permanent disorders can be caused by the medication, including inflammatory bowel disease and excessive bone growth. James Marshall, an American actor, successfully sued the drug’s manufacturer, Hoffman La-Roche, after inflammatory bowel disease caused by isotretinoin forced the removal of his colon.

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