Mesh is a medical device used to supplement or reinforce damaged or missing tissue. It is often used in patients who have undergone hernia surgeries to help in their recovery. Hernia mesh has also come under intense scrutiny for the harm it causes patients.

Patients with a hernia are typically in a great deal of pain when they seek treatment from a doctor. Hernias are often treated with surgical procedures, and that frequently means that hernia mesh is involved. Sometimes patients aren’t aware of how mesh works or the risks inherent with many types of mesh.

The Food and Drug Administration lists several potential complications associated with hernia mesh, including:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Adhesion of the mesh to the body
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Bowel perforation.

If you have experienced any of these complications due to hernia mesh, contact Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law. We are now meeting with hernia mesh patients to determine the extent of their damages and take legal action against the responsible manufacturers.


There are several different types of mesh, from synthetic mesh to mesh made from animal tissue. Mesh can be permanent or it can be a mesh that dissolves over time. It is a very common device used by doctors.

Over the past three decades, surgeons have increasingly turned to hernia mesh to treat people with hernias. Hernias have a high rate of recurrence, and mesh is believed to reduce the likelihood of the patient’s suffering another hernia. Because of the increasing popularity of these products and the potential benefits they provide patients, the market for these devices has also become flooded with manufacturers offering several different types of mesh. Unfortunately for patients, some of these products have proven to be defective.


There have been several recalls involving hernia mesh over the past few years. Some of the recalls cover products that are deemed counterfeit by the FDA. For example, several types of mesh labeled as being manufactured by Bard were sold and used in patients in hernia surgical procedures, though it was eventually discovered that these were knock-off devices made by another company and carried the potential to be defective.

The FDA states that most of the hernia mesh-related injuries are due to products that have been taken off the market due to recalls. However, patients continue to report problems that could be related to other types of hernia mesh. This points to the real possibility that the FDA’s official statements don’t address the full scope of the problem.


Medical device recalls are vital to consumer protection, but they are often done only after a product has been found to cause serious complications. The FDA can be slow to release public notices about products that carry risks. In some cases, it is only after several injured consumers have filed complaints and taken legal action that recalls were issued.

The hernia mesh market represents big business in the medical community. There are nearly 1,000,000 hernia repairs performed every year in the United States. The procedures used to treat hernias are frequently changing, as are the devices used in these procedures. New hernia mesh products, along with new variations, are constantly being released onto the marketplace. Regulators often struggle to keep the pace with thorough oversight.

Our governmental agencies lack the time and resources to examine every single product used by doctors and medical facilities. There are many instances in which dangerous products simply fall through the cracks. This is likely the case with many varieties of hernia mesh, which often cause complications that don’t manifest until several years after implantation.


Hernia mesh, whether recalled or not, can potentially cause patients serious harm. Injured patients need an attorney who is willing to stand up to the interests of large manufacturers. At Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, we are prepared to offer our clients aggressive and experienced legal representation to make sure they get the compensation they deserve.

Product liability claims are a powerful tool used by consumers to win payment for the damages they have suffered, including pain, suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. These claims also play a vital role in preventing dangerous products from hurting consumers and patients in the future.

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