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Drug Injury Lawyer

When a medication causes illness or death, hiring a drug injury lawyer is needed to represent victims in an effort to recover loss in the form of financial compensation. Following the directions included with any medication should mean that they are safe to take, but sometimes they can cause adverse reactions with devastating results.

These types of cases require an attorney who is not only willing to stand up and fight to obtain victory in the form of financial recovery and compensation for losses, but one that is an expert in every complicated detail of the case. These cases are different from typical personal injury cases in that the insurance company, pharmaceutical company and sometimes government agencies often fight to keep the information about a harmful drug out of the public’s eye.

The details involved in medical cases are complex. Symptoms are sometimes difficult to diagnose, are not always clear cut and do not always show up immediately. An attorney who specializes in these cases needs to not only know the law as it relates to this matter, but also learn the specific skills needed which include developing a network of relationships with pertinent experts.

A knowledgeable drug injury lawyer knows which category of regulations the specific harm falls under and will go to work on their clients behalf to recover adequate compensation.

Sometimes these matters fall under vague or gray areas of the law such as:

• When a person is unduly harmed due to a manufacturer’s failure, it becomes a product liability case.
• When a medical professional makes a mistake, it is considered medical malpractice.
• When one is caused harm because of someone else’s negligence, it is a personal injury issue.

A medication causing harm can fall in all three of these categories to one degree or another.

Large pharmaceutical companies have enormous resources at their disposal to defend them. Getting justice for the victims of defective prescription or over the counter medications from the failure to provide proper warning of the drug’s dangers requires the help of a professional attorney.

Attorneys who defend victims need to stay abreast of pharmaceutical recalls and potentially harmful medications. They also need to have the following skills:
• Specific legal skills necessary to represent you in a prescription or over the counter medication case
• The resources and networking ability to partner with other qualified experts, including leading consumer advocates who can testify and work to win your case.

Experienced attorneys who deal with illness and death caused by medication understand the steps to take in various types of cases. For instance, the term Multi-District Litigation, or MDL, is used to describe a situation when groups of individual lawsuits that are related to a particular medication are consolidated into one large case.

Some of the cases that a drug injury lawyer handles include experiencing the death of a loved one after taking a medication, suffering illness or physical injury caused by a drug, experiencing adverse side effects caused by a medication, injuries caused by medicine that has been recalled, failure of the manufacturer or doctor to warn patients of drug interactions or side effects.
A drug injury lawyer usually works on a contingency basis, which means if they don’t win they don’t get paid. Often, they offer free initial consultations to determine whether or not they can handle your case.

Seek the help of a qualified professional drug injury lawyer as soon as possible if you or a loved one has suffered due to the harmful effects of any medication.

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    Although they are among the most potent and popular drugs available for treating gastric acid disorders, many people taking proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have filed law suits due to their extensive complications.
    What Are Proton Pump Inhibitors Side Effects?
    Proton pump inhibitors side effects can range from highly uncomfortable to very serious. Individuals who use proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) should be aware of the range of potential side effects that PPI use can cause.
    What Are Some Typical Proton Pump Inhibitors Adverse Effects?
    Proton pump inhibitors adverse effects are nothing to be trifled with and are often the result of overuse. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are medications designed to combat excessive stomach acid, and to relieve acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD).
    What Claims Does A Defective Drug Lawyer Regularly Handle?
    When someone is harmed by a defective drug, an experienced lawyer is essential to fight back against the powerful pharmaceutical manufacturer. These companies maintain entire teams of attorneys and are prepared for legal action.
    Why Is Xarelto The Subject Of Lawsuit Action?
    Though it’s one of the newest blood thinners on the market, Xarelto is provoking lawsuit proceedings from many victims and their families. Blood thinners are inherently dangerous medications, and are responsible for a large number of adverse effects every year.
    What Are Some Drugs That Can Cause Liver Failure?
    Liver failure is a medical emergency, and can kill if not treated right away. The condition is often associated with alcohol abuse, hepatitis, or acute conditions, but drug-induced conditions are becoming a major concern in the country.
    Should Patients Be Concerned About Serious Z Pack Side Effects?
    For years, doctors considered Z pack side effects to be relatively minor, primarily consisting of basic GI discomfort and abdominal pain. Also known by its trade name azithromycin, the antibiotic was therefore regarded as safe in a large number of applications.
    What Cases Can A Drug Injury Lawyer Help A Victim With?
    It seems like every year several medications are found to be more dangerous than originally realized, which is why a drug injury lawyer is important for protecting consumers and their rights.
    How Was The Link Between Viagra And Melanoma Determined?
    Is there a link between Viagra and melanoma incidence rates? Why should patients worry about Viagra use and melanoma risks? What is the status of lawsuits filed against Pfizer?
    The Link Between Erectile Dysfunction Drugs And Skin Cancer
    Although more research will need to be done to verify initial findings, many researchers are worried about the link between erectile dysfunction drugs and skin cancer. Specifically, the concern is with sildenafil, the clinical name for Viagra, and melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer there is.
    Common Questions About Xarelto And The Bleeding Risk
    When taking Xarelto, is serious bleeding a risk patients need to pay attention to? What is the current research regarding Xarelto and its bleeding risk?
    There Has Been An Increase Of Adverse Drug Effects
    The increase in new prescription drugs and the volume of adults in the United States utilizing them has resulted in an increasing number of adverse drug effects.
    Reasons People Are Filing Xarelto Lawsuit Against Bayer
    The first lawsuits have been filed against Bayer for the manufacture of its blood thinner, Xarelto. According to Reuters, an anonymous company insider has confirmed this information and said that, as of June 2014, up to 10 separate suits have been launched against the company.
    Information About Xarelto Causing Bleeding & Filing A Lawsuit
    Though it was FDA approved in 2011, many people who have taken Xarelto have claimed bleeding in lawsuit filings around the country. This anticoagulant medication, known by its generic name rivaroxaban, is a powerful blood thinner that is prescribed to people with cardiovascular problems.
    Why Contaminated Back Injections Caused A Meningitis Outbreak
    In 2012, several contaminated steroid back injections caused a meningitis outbreak that claimed hundreds of lives. This disease causes severe acute inflammation of protective tissues around the brain and spinal cord.
    What Are The Dangers Of Propecia Side Effects?
    Although male pattern baldness can be a stressful and frustrating condition to deal with, popular hair restoration drugs like Propecia can cause side effects that men need to be aware of.
    What Are The Side Effects Reported When Taking Levaquin
    Levaquin, also known as Levofloxacin, is a variety of antibiotic that helps reduce the effects of harmful bacteria in the body. This antibiotic was introduced in 1996 as a prescription drug that offered relief from sinus problems, as well as skin, ear and throat issues.
    What Are The Dangers Associated With Onfi?
    Patients dealing with seizures often turn to their medications to maintain a normal life, but the dangers associated with Onfi, a brand name for clobazam, have recently been discovered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw Has Been Tied To Fosamax
    Many people who have taken Fosamax have suffered osteonecrosis of the jaw, a serious degenerative condition of bone tissue. The main ingredient in this medication is alendronic acid, a bisphosphonate that is typically used to counteract bone loss. It is effective at treating osteoporosis and other b...
    The Correlation Between Fosamax & Sudden Femur Fractures
    Because Fosamax and femur fracture injuries have been linked strongly, the FDA has required new labeling on the medication divulging this research. Anyone that has taken this drug and suffered the side effects described should consider contacting an attorney that is trained in this area of law to ex...
    The Link Between Tylenol And Liver Damage Urges Lawsuit Actions
    In recent years, the link between Tylenol and liver damage has prompted lawsuit actions against McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the manufacturer of the drug. Acetaminophen is the primary ingredient in this medication and is an effective analgesic, or painkiller.
    What Caused The FDA To Issue A Darvocet Recall?
    On November 19, 2010, Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals relented to the FDA’s request to begin a Darvocet recall. Even though the product had been approved by the FDA and sold for decades, aggregate statistics gathered over many years by medical examiners found some troubling concerns.
    Drug Injury Attorney Represents Those Harmed by Chantix
    A drug injury attorney may be able to help a patient who is affected by side effects of taking Chantix. Several mental symptoms include changes in behavior, depression, agitation, hostility, suicide ideation and behavior and attempted suicide.
    A Drug Recall Lawyer May Be the Victims Best Hope of Success
    Following a drug recall, a lawyer may be able to help any victims who have suffered major health complications due to the medication.
    Steven Johnsons Syndrome Treatment Methods
    The Houston drug injury lawyers at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law are here to assist patients who have undergone Stevens-Johnson Syndrome treatment as a result of an allergic reaction to certain medications.
    What Causes SJS Symptoms An How Can It Be Caused
    Many people, though, contract the disease after taking certain medications. Some common drugs that researchers have found a positive link to include ibuprofen, isotretinoin, fluconazole, allopurinol, barbiturates, penicillins, and sulfonamides, among many other medications
    Steven Johnson's Syndrome Can Be A Drug Side Effect
    The condition is thought to be an adverse immune system reaction triggered by drugs, medication, or infection. Known causes range from household staples such as ibuprofen, to different types of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications.
    Workout Supplement May Cause Medical Complication
    A workout supplement may contain dangers that can result in serious medical complications or death.
    A New Study Shows Certain Antibiotics Can Cause Side Effects
    The Journal of the American Medical Association recently released a study that shows various antibiotic side effects and what may cause them. One of those reactions is retinal detachment.
    What Is Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
    The symptoms of primary pulmonary hypertension appear relatively minor in the beginning. The most common early signs are fatigue, elevated heartbeat and chest pain.
    Fungal Meningitis Can Be Caused By Contaminated Steroid Injections
    Any woman who has received epidural steroid injections recently should contact the facility they received it from. The CDC has put together a list of medical organizations that have received the drug from the NECC.
    Fosamax Side Effects Are Spawning Recalls
    Although it has been on the market for over a decade, Fosamax has side effects that are becoming an increasing cause for concern.
    Drug Injuries Are Becoming More Common
    When prescription medication cause more harm than good, drug injury lawyers may be needed to help obtain compensation for the victim.
    Chantix Can Cause Mental Distress Side Effects
    Many smokers turn to medicine to help them quit smoking, but people who use the popular drug Chantix often experience symptoms of mental distress that can be severe.
    Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Can Be Caused By Appetite Suppressors
    People who develop primary pulmonary hypertension should consider consulting with a drug injury lawyer in Houston right away.
    What Does A Drug Injury Attorney Do For You?
    When someone calls him or herself a drug injury attorney, they may mean one of many things. These professionals track a lot of cases and perhaps have the most work to do when following trends in the pharmaceutical industry.
    Victim's Of A Drug Recall Need A Lawyer
    If you have taken a prescription medication and suffered because of nasty side effects, you may want to contact a reputable drug recall lawyer. If there is a black box warning on a medication, the FDA is well aware that the medication you're taking, or that you're administering may have serious and ...
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