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Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer

When family members lose a loved one because of someone else’s negligence, it is a tragedy. Injury-related deaths are almost always preventable. When they happen, surviving family members are forced to live with devastating fallout, often coping with the fact that if it weren’t for someone else’s carelessness, their loved one might still be alive. […]

Accidental Fatality

If someone you know has died due to what you believe to be negligent behavior by another individual, a wrongful death suit may be the most effective way to receive suitable compensation. A wrongful death can be defined as a situation where a victim’s demise was caused by a lack of safety and care. In […]

Texas Family Death Lawsuits

A wrongful death lawyer can be described as an advocate for the surviving family members of the victim. They may be able to help when someone dies as a direct result of another party’s negligence. While seeking justice can’t bring a loved one back, it may help prevent a similar incident from occurring in the […]

Explosion Injuries in Houston, TX

When an accident involves an explosion, wrongful death claims often follow, as these accidents often involve negligence at some level. Defective products, poor wiring and lax safety measures can all result in a major accident that involves a sudden detonation. They can occur anywhere, including the home, but they tend to happen most often in […]

When someone’s carelessness takes away a loved one, wrongful death attorneys can help a family hold the responsible party accountable for their actions, and help them start the recovery process. People are expected to behave safely when around others, such as driving within the speed limit or keeping their dog in a secure enclosure. Too […]

A Texas area wrongful death lawyer can’t provide complete closure for a family after they have lost a loved one. No one can do that, but an attorney can provide some measure of it and ensure the family is taken care of even though they are reeling from the tragedy. Every state has different regulations […]

Texans like to hear that there is a booming oil industry.  It’s, of course, good for the state’s economy.  However, it’s a different story when there is a boom in oilfield fatalities. Last year, 50 percent of oilfield-related deaths in the United States occurred here in Texas.  In 2014, 142 U.S. oilfield employees died.  Seventy-one […]

When a serious accident occurs in Houston, a wrongful death attorney may be the only person capable of producing some measure of closure. Of course, there is no way to replace the loss of a loved one, but when someone’s negligence is at least partly responsible for the tragedy, that person or organization should be […]

Few things are as devastating to a family as when a DWI causes a death to a loved one. It often seems like random, unfair chance, and the person responsible for the accident may only have their life temporarily inconvenienced. The aftermath of the tragedy will often seem overwhelming emotionally, but it’s the financial complications […]

A plane crash claimed the life of a Texas family north of San Antonio Sunday afternoon.  According to local authorities, a single-engine Piper PA-24 carrying the Galloway Family was taking off from Kestrel Air Park in Spring Branch, TX when it lost altitude and slammed into a parking lot near Highway 281.  The Galloway family included Michael Scott […]

A drunk driving death is extremely tragic and instantly changes the lives of surviving family members. This type of accident can be avoided if motorists abide by traffic laws and make responsible decisions. Many people cannot manage this as CDC statistics clearly show. In fact, the CDC’s collection of self-reported incidents of impaired driving suggests […]

A high-pressure explosion claimed the lives of two West Texas oil field workers and injured nine others in Loving County, Texas on the morning of Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Loving County authorities identified the two dead as Robert Andrade Magdaleno of El Paso, Texas, and Amos Ortega of Artesia, New Mexico. Both workers were independent […]

Texas accidents in the news: Day of December 6, 2013 Last night, Thursday, December 5, a trench collapsed as two workers were repairing a broken water line.  The incident occurred in northwest Harris County at approximately 10 p.m. in the 17900 block of Longenbaugh.  According to reports, the workers were making repairs when the walls […]

Texas accidents in the news: Day of December 4, 2013 On Saturday, November 30, at approximately 9:25 p.m., a head-on collision involving a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a GMC truck occurred about four-and-a-half miles southwest of Magnolia.  According to reports, a man on a motorcycle was southbound on Joseph Road when a northbound GMC, also […]

The wrongful death definition states that an individual or company can be found liable for the death of a person under common law. The claim is a civil action brought most commonly by close relatives or heirs of the deceased. Within the United States the standard of proof for a civil case is a preponderance […]

Wrongful death lawyers are not the people anyone wants to have to call, but when an accident occurs that takes a life, these experts are often the only professionals on the family’s side. In the aftermath of a disaster, the people responsible often try to avoid paying for their mistakes, so it is crucial that […]