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Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

“Mobile uploads,” “hashtags,” and “checking in” have become part of our everyday vocabulary. Because of social media, our lives are more public than ever. This is—indeed—a double-edged sword. While you think you are updating your friends and family on the latest in your life, others may exploit the shared information and use it against you. […]


Self-driving or driverless cars are definitely on the horizon as some of the world’s largest manufacturers experiment with cars that reduce or eliminate the time that a car’s driver must actually drive. But will autonomous cars really reduce driver error and save lives? A self-driving system uses many technologies and sensors such as radar, laser […]

Texas Distracted Driving Lawyer

Texting while driving is a dangerous distraction – and as of September 1, 2017, it will be illegal in Texas. In May, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a measure that bans driver texting and emailing while the vehicle is moving. This law expands the current law that prohibits texting in school zones. Texting while […]

Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you own a motorcycle, you’ve probably heard this statistic: People on motorcycles are 27 times more likely to die in a crash than other types of motorists. That’s an unsettling fact, to say the least, especially for those who regularly ride motorcycles or have loved ones that own motorcycles. Keeping motorcyclists safe requires the […]

Texas Flood Accident Lawyer

Houston residents are no strangers to floods. They have become an ever-present reality in our lives over recent years, and our city’s infrastructure is obviously struggling to meet the demands caused by flash floods. When the skies open and the rain floods our roads, drivers are put in a very dangerous situation. Some parts of […]

  Two more serious 15-passenger van accidents occurred in 2015 that reminded everyone why it can be so dangerous – and often fatal – to ride in these vehicles. In February of last year, a large passenger van in Houston caught on fire when it collided with a Metro bus. All 13 people aboard the […]

When a driver is involved in a vehicle crash, it may be necessary for them to seek an accident attorney that handles auto cases. TX, like most states, sees many injury claims resulting from vehicle crashes, and as a result, there is plenty of prior-case law that guides these claims. Aside from some rare exceptions, […]

The best car accident lawyer for a victim is an attorney that brings a combination of experience, attentiveness and organization to a case. In the aftermath of a crash, a victim may not know how to proceed. They may have medical bills piling up without a source of income to offset them. They may be […]

Car accident lawyers can help their clients weed through the monumental tasks of dealing with doctors and insurance companies after the incident. After an auto wreck many details are handled by the insurance companies of the drivers involved. However, it is important to realize that letting insurance companies take care of the details are often […]