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Texas Heat-related Injury Lawyer

“I hurt my wife so much,” said Miles Harrison, “and by the grace of whatever wonderful quality is within her, she has forgiven me. And that makes me feel even worse. Because I can’t forgive me.” In 2010, Miles Harrison was featured in a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post story about a tragedy that is all […]

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Think about your last meal. Did you prepare it yourself? Maybe it came from a fast-food restaurant or was brought to your door by a delivery driver. Perhaps you went to a potluck dinner with friends or family. Whatever your last meal might have been, the chances are good that the food you consumed was […]

Texas Pedestrian Injury Lawyer

We all know that certain modes of transportation are more dangerous than others. For example, we know that car crashes are common on our roads and that planes are generally safer than other forms of travel. But what about the oldest form of transportation – the one we use every day? Traveling by foot offers […]

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Typically, people don’t need the services of an attorney unless they are experiencing some type of serious issue. Those issues often involve some sort of dispute with another person or a brush with the law. In other words, you need an attorney when something unpleasant has happened. Clients who come to us have usually suffered […]

Houston Child Injury Lawyer

Morgan Harrod loves race cars, so celebrating his 13th birthday at the Gator Motorplex in Willis should have been the perfect experience. Instead, Morgan spent that night and the next several nights in the Children’s Memorial Hermann Intensive Care Unit after being struck by a race car at the track. It was a Thursday evening. […]

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When people list their personal goals, good health almost always takes top billing. Aside from family, few things are more important than taking care of yourself. It’s why we watch what we eat, exercise, rest, and strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance. National Public Health Week is observed in 2017 during the first week […]

Houston Stadium Safety & Injury

It’s exciting to be at the center of the sports world. Houston is brimming with anticipation as we prepare to host our third Big Game. Football fans from around the country, along with some from around the globe, are filling our city to witness the biggest event in American sports. Attending a Big Game is […]

Texas Burn Injury Attorney

It’s no mystery why so many victims neglect to seek out the assistance of burn injury lawyers. Between the painful recovery, the social stigma, and the persuasive attempts of those at fault, seeking legal aid can seem like a minor consideration, or even a detrimental course of action. But proper legal representation is one of […]

Pokemon Go

No game has ever captured the world like Pokemon Go. Why are so many people trying to catch them all? How can people stay safe while doing so? Anyone who came of age in the 90s, or anyone who had a child who came of age in the 90s, probably remembers the world of Pokemon […]

  Whether or not you have insurance, medical bills are an inevitable reality after sustaining a serious injury in an auto accident. It is important to know your options before you get too far behind financially. Auto insurance and health insurance may provide coverage for medical bills as a result of accident-related medical care. A […]

No matter how careful one might be at work, driving on the roads, or involved in any number of other activities, there’s always the possibility than an accident may occur. As a result, understanding one’s legal options at an early point can be a crucial move in seeking the compensation and justice that one deserves. […]

When a dangerous dog renders a bite, a lawyer may be able to build a case needed to hold the animal’s owner responsible. This is easier said than done, though, as in many states, Texas included, owners are protected by the one-bite-rule. This stipulation states that animal owners are not considered responsible if their pet […]

When a dog bites, it may be relatively harmless, but when it’s not, it’s important that a victim receives medical assistance as soon as possible and documents the details surrounding the attack. While there are millions of dog bites each year in the United States, many of them are small nips that may not even […]

One of the most difficult medical complications to contend with is paralysis, and a lawyer may be necessary when a victim is left without use of their extremities. In most cases, paraplegia and quadriplegia are the result of a serious accident, and serious accidents are normally the result of someone’s negligence or recklessness. For example, […]

People often lose more than a limb when they undergo an amputation, and a lawyer will ensure that the victim’s extensive emotional damages are also taken into account. Vehicle crashes, medical malpractice, industrial accidents, and dog bites are all common reasons why a victim may lose an arm or leg, and in most cases, these […]

Day in and day out, a personal injury lawyer regularly handles quite a range of case types. In no particular order, here are ten of the most common types. In all of these incidents, the assistance of a Houston personal injury lawyer may be the best bet when a victim is seeking justice for his […]

No matter the severity of the burn, if negligence can be found, then a burn injury lawyer can help victims file a claim. An attorney will need a full account of the accident, including where it happened and how it happened. These questions are important in figuring out liability, and once the degree of liability […]

Many people currently playing the smartphone free-to-play app “Pokémon Go” are finding it wildly addictive. In fact, media reports indicate that some are even endangering themselves and others by playing the game as they drive or walk through both rural and urban areas. Here’s a brief look at some of the recent injuries people have […]

After hiring a personal injury attorney, the first question many clients have is “what is my case worth?” The classic answer to this question is “it depends.” Every case is different. Here, at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, we handle every case differently based on facts specific to how you were injured and what […]

When someone is the victim of an accident or has experienced personal harm due to negligence, a Texas injury lawyer will help redress the case and seek compensation for damages, hospital bills, and time away from work. Engaging the services of an attorney is the best way to proceed if there is a legitimate claim. […]