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Texas Birth Control Injury Lawyer

Women are constantly being offered new forms of birth control that are supposedly improvements on older, more traditional types of contraception. Unfortunately, many of these methods also come with risks for serious health complications. One of the most notorious examples of these birth control methods is the Essure device. Essure is a contraceptive device that […]

Texas Surgical Mesh Attorney

A recent action taken by plaintiffs in Physiomesh™ flexible composite hernia mesh cases may accelerate the process to get these lawsuits heard. Certain plaintiffs in Florida and Illinois have filed a motion to create a new multi-district litigation (MDL) to hear lawsuits filed against the device’s manufacturer Ethicon as well as its parent company Johnson […]

It may seem like media hype to suggest exploding e-cigarettes are a concern for consumers, but what was once considered an anomaly is now getting the attention it deserves. Millions of Americans use vapor devices as an alternative to smoking, and they do so because they believe that vaping is safer. But there is a […]

The Zimmer Persona knee replacement, like many joint replacements, is intended for use in patients that are suffering from frequent pain and loss of mobility in the affected area. In the vast majority of cases, joint replacement surgeries are for patients over 50 years of age, as this is when arthritis becomes more common. However, […]

When a consumer suffers personal injury or loss due to a product that did not perform as intended, a defective products attorney may be an option. The victims in these types of cases have often suffered a terrible injury or loss of life that simply could have been avoided had the manufacturer been more diligent […]

Defective products can have tragic repercussions for unsuspecting families, which is why many consider defective product lawsuits following an injury or death due to improper manufacturing or warning labels. There are three common ways a product can be deemed defective: A mishap at the factory where the product is manufactured, causing it to be ineffective […]

Tire separation cases are the most common form of wheel failure, and they often result in tragic outcomes. To an extent, they are inevitable, as rubber and steel do not adhere together easily. However, poor manufacturing practices make tire failure much more likely. Manufacturers push their workers to the limit, sometimes requiring them to work […]

Daily life is full of interactions with any number of gadgets, machines, and other items, any of which may cause harm to the users, warranting defective product cases. The Three Most Prominent Types of Defective Product Cases Defective product cases can be split into three different types: (a) design defects, (b) manufacturing defects, and (c) […]

When a consumer agency releases information on a product recall, an injury lawyer will be one of the first people to notice it. That’s because by the time a safety alert is sent out, there may already be several injuries associated with the product. Even when a company voluntarily removes a product from the market, […]

If someone is hurt by defective products, then the law might be able to help them recover compensation for their injuries and any expenses related to the incident. When companies don’t thoroughly test their goods before putting them on the market, they are effectively testing them on consumers. This is unfortunately common, as businesses that […]

Tread separation, and the accidents they cause, have occasionally made news, but it continues to be an industry-wide problem. It’s also a problem that will likely be around for a long time, as it is the result of major issues with negligence that have permeated throughout tire manufacturing facilities. And the people who are paying […]

Many claims involve defective products, and these lawsuits may range greatly in their complexity. A vehicle crash, for example, may offer a clearly defined cause while a dangerous drug may require reams of research paper to confirm its risks. But no matter the nature of the injury, an attorney will have the resources to demonstrate […]

Defective product attorneys are experts in many areas, as they have to oversee a great variety of cases. From automotive safety measures to pharmaceutical research, these lawyers know a great deal about many consumer goods. And that’s essential, as anything has the capacity to harm someone, even when they are using the item as intended. […]

The VW emission scandal will force recall actions by the legendary automaker, something which is normally reserved for vehicles that have safety issues. But the manufacturer’s problems won’t end there, as it likely faces a wave of lawsuits and fines as well. The company’s primary decision makers could even face criminal prosecution, so it could […]

Do you own a Volkswagen?  If you own a 2009 to 2015 VW Diesel Jetta, Beetle, Golf, or Audi A3 or a 2014 to 2015 Diesel Passat, you may have a claim against VW. VWs are well known for being fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.  However, VW has defrauded consumers by installing inaccurate emissions sensors, […]

Everyone has been driving along when, suddenly, they enter a construction zone where the job is unfinished.  Often, this means that the pavement is uneven.  A similar situation may occur when there is a dangerous shoulder drop-off or no shoulder at all. Even though many states have rules about drop-offs, these road conditions may pose […]

  Consumers with small children need to be aware of more than just choking and suffocation hazards associated with infant cribs.  On September 8, 2015, IKEA issued a recall for a crib mattress that risks a fire hazard which could cause a burn injury.  Consumers who have purchased the VYSSA SPELEVINK crib mattress should return it […]

Each year, more hundreds of thousands of people are injured in the United States due to defective consumer products. These run the gamut from infant swings and strollers to vehicles to things like toasters with faulty wiring. You should be able to count on the products you buy in this country being safe for you […]

Legal experts are bracing for an onslaught of Medtronic bone graft lawsuits, and their number is growing by the day. This implant was initially hailed as a huge step forward for spine surgery, but now there’s nothing but controversy surrounding it. For the most part, the controversy is due to the company’s unethical business practices, […]

A defective product is a liability issue, and when said product hurts someone, the manufacturer or designer should be held responsible for their negligence. In today’s world of mass production, quality controls are more important than ever. However, companies often cut corners with item prototyping and testing, carelessly putting dangerous consumer items on the shelves. […]